Formax FD 8300SC Strip-Cut Paper Shredder Review

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The Formax FD 8300SC is a powerful desk side shredder that is designed for personal use. Here is a look at some of the features, and a few of the strengths and weaknesses of the Formax FD 8300SC.

  1. For a small and compact desk side shredder, the FD8300SC packs a rather impressive punch with its eye-popping capacity of 23 sheets per pass. We can safely say that there are many, many bigger shredders out there that don't give you that kind of sheet capacity. The FD 8300SC's motor is specially-geared and operates at a 21 feet per minute clip, and cutting heads are solid steel and guaranteed for the lifetime of the shredder. Also impressive for a desk side unit, the 10.5 inch wide feed opening can accommodate the common sizes of paper with ease, as well as some of the larger custom sizes. Overall, we found the FD8300SC to be a surprisingly capable, rough and ready machine in the desk side shredder category.

  2. We all found that the FD 8300SC's LED control panel made operating the shredder quite simple, and we really appreciated that it let us know what mode the machine was in at all times. You can choose "walk away" operation with the automatic start and stop function (enabled by the optical sensors that "see" the paper as you are putting it in the feed), or manual operation. There is also a handy load indicator that lets you know if you are getting close to overfeeding the shredder.

  3. Sensitive information doesn't just come in paper form anymore, and if you've ever been stuck (like we have) wondering what to do certain types of digital media that contained confidential information or documents, the FD8300SC may be the machine for you. The FD 8300SC can not only shred your expired credit cards, it can also shred CDs and DVDs, meaning you'll never have to worry about the information on those discs ever being read again.

  4. The FD 8300SC has a nice little array of safety features, including automatic power cutoff when the cabinet door is unfastened and/or a full waste bag needs attention. The FD 8300SC can also automatically detect a possible paper jam and switches immediately into reverse mode until the jam is cleared. The self contained circuit breaker is also a great feature that will help keep any electrical issues at bay.


  1. Though the FD 8300SC is a very powerful shredder, it is important to note that it is a Level 2 security strip cut unit, and thus doesn't offer you a very high document security level. If you or your business are going to use this shredder for the destruction highly confidential documents, you should probably take a look at the FD 8300SC's Level 3 cross-cut companion, the FD 8300CC. Level 3 shredding is compliant with federal regulations concerning the destruction of certain types of documents, and can help you avoid fines and civil suits. For more information, you may want to do a quick internet search of 2005 FACTA laws.

  2. As a smaller shredder, the FD 8300SC is best used on an intermittent basis throughout the typical day, and is not built for continuous use. The FD 8300SC's thermal overload protection will keep the motor from overheating, however, it may be best if you don't get to that point.

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