Food Tells A Lot About The Culture Of A Country

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Food is one of the things that define the culture of a country. You may tell a lot about a country by what they eat and how they do it. Because you in the times of globalization when almost every person looks similar with their satire and outer appearance there are very few ways to tell exactly about their culture. One way is to do a deep study about a culture and civilization but that takes a lot of time and is rather a boring job and if you are a traveler, you do not want to spend your time doing surveys. But, since you get to eat the food the people of the country, you are in, eat you can tell a lot about them.

When you go to a country in the west you see they like light food and usually take packed food which tells they are always sort of time, and given their carnivorous nature, they eat the flesh of everything possible from insects to the big animals.

But the story changes when you come to the exotic subcontinent of India. First of all you can determine anything by just their meal because if you travel all over the country you will find the variations in the food culture as well. Indian recipes changes from state to state. While the Punjab region is famous for its heavy meals that constitutes two or three vegetables, chapattis, the Bengal region is famous for its fish-rice, in Gujarat they will add sugar to almost everything while the southern peninsula have enriched experiments with the rice. So, wherever you go, you see a different food culture. But one thing you will find common among all these regions is that they all have a taste for spices. And we all know that foreigners came to India for the imports of spices (if you know Marco Polo). Indian food has a craving for spices and if you are on India travel, you can see this. And this is not a simple thing. This shows there warmness of the heart.

India is the country where they respect their guests as the god and they serve him with the best food possible. And spices are an essential part of the making of anything from north to south and from the east to west. They also make heavy meal that suits the weather of the subcontinent and though they are not aware of this fact they enjoy the oily food.

And with the changing world they have also changed their style of making food. Since microwave is a thing of today and saves a lot of time in preparing food, Indians have also accepted this and you can see the traditional Indian dishes converting into the great Indian microwave recipe.

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