Food Safety in china

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Food safety in China
This is a huge problem in China and even that the central government is doing what it can China is a big country, so it will take a long time to get rid of this problem!

A survey by the Chinese quality inspection shows that a fifth of consumer goods and food, as China itself produce and use, are dangerous to health or of immensely poor quality.

This is Pork - Chickens - Cooking oil - Milk and just about anything you can eat. Chinese people make copies of All kinds of food and reusing food leftovers they collect at the big restaurants and market it as new Food.

The Chinese are at great risk every time they go to the supermarket for a tin of pineapple or a toy produced in their own country.

Complete 23% of Chinese food and consumer goods do not meet quality requirements. Either the food is tainted , or the quality is appalling low.

Toothpaste with coolant-chemical is also available in here in China


Medicine and food control chef executed.

At some times the Chinese government have to show the public that it takes this food poisoning issue very serious, so they make an example like this.

The 63-Xiayou Zheng was sentenced to death back in May after it emerged that he had accepted bribes of over $ 1 million during his time as manager from 1998 to 2005.But this is peanuts compared to the amount of money involved in this today.

I think China is the must corrupt country in the world and the worst part is that these corrupt people donít care if somebody of their own citizen dies of food poisoning, because of their corruption.

There are numerous problems with food and security here in China. One of the more disgusting ones are "drain oil."

The old food debris that is collected from restaurants, cafeterias and canteens, and then are sorted and pressed so as to extract cooking oil from the waste and adding chemicals that make the oil look like freshly squeezed. Then it will be poured into new bottles and jars and sold again.

Besides that it's disgusting, to sit and eat their way through other people's leftovers, so the oil is too dangerous. Once it has been used, so it can contain carcinogens, which comes after cooking with ingredients that contain starch.

It is a widespread problem in China. A professor last year did , a study which showed that every tenth meal in China are made with recycled and dirty cooking oil, so there is good reason why so many Chinese people care about it.

This and other food scandals that fluorescent flesh and exploding watermelons, what about chicken and other food treated with Formaldehyde as to make it look fresh Ė you can get this in china too.

Alone in Shandong last year there was 134 people were arrested for producing and selling "drain oil" as Xinhua wrote on Wednesday. In one case, two men were sentenced to ten years in prison for selling more than 110 tons.

Therefore, the authorities, who for years have promised improvements in food safety, and occasionally launching various campaigns that never solves the underlying problems, felt pressured to show decisiveness.

So now you can get the death penalty if one makes or sells "drain oil." It announced the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Public Security earlier this week (ZH).

At the same time they will also increase penalties for officials who fail to fulfill their responsibilities. But as the milk scandal in 2008 - the Chinese milk scandal read more at Wikipedia

- has shown it's not a promise, you have to take too seriously.

And today in 2012 we still have problems with milk. Last year the government closed half of China's dairies , because they still added chemicals and water to the milk products.

For the Chinese are the poisonous food a real and serious problem, and there is very little sympathy for the villains in the food industry and among people, but because of these corrupt officials it is almost impossible to stop.

I actually think that it is safer to eat at small restaurants, Because You can actually see that they get their ingredients from the local market just like we do.

The Chinese carry around many diseases and other inconveniences we do not have in the west and this is partly because of the many chemicals they consume through their food.

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