Follow These to and Keep Age Away

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The signs of aging do not stop with just wrinkles and fine lines. Other aspects like spider veins, stretch marks, wrinkles and sagging skin—have to be considered too.

1. Spider veins are fine lines that can occur due to—being overweight, during pregnancy, overexposure to the sun, or being on your feet all day.

The walls of capillaries and veins weaken as you age. Sometimes, the valves in the veins also malfunction. Your anti-aging products should therefore fulfill three conditions—repair of the damaged blood vessels, provision of additional strength to the walls, and adequate covering up of visible spider veins.

Vitamin K tops the list of beneficial ingredients, where spider veins are concerned. And if you hate the idea of daily application of creams and lotions (though they contain vitamin K), you can opt for low-level laser treatment.

Spray-on pantyhose comes in a variety of tints and shades to suit your body coloring; it does a good job of covering up spider veins.

2. Stretch marks are leftovers on your belly and abdomen after pregnancy, childbirth, loss of weight or weight gain. Even constantly exercising body builders end up with stretch marks. Under certain circumstances, an imbalance is created between the speed of reproduction of cells and skin stretching. Your tissues get torn or scarred as a result of this imbalance.

There are special stretch mark creams and scar creams to reduce these stretch marks and prevent the formation of new ones, as they keep your skin moist and well hydrated. Alternatively, you can go in for laser treatment that involves emission of light waves in certain oscillations. The therapy involves the usage of low-level or soft light lasers to encourage the growth of new cells. Blood circulation is enhanced. Also, scar marks, burn marks, blemishes and sores disappear.

3. You are well aware that if your skin loses its natural moisture and allows the entry of free radicals, it will succumb to fine lines and wrinkles.

You need to get creams and lotions that can re-hydrate your skin, and drastically bring down the depth and density of these depressions. The commonest ingredients found in these beauty products (eye creams and facial creams) are Matrixyl and Argireline. Generally referred to as peptide compounds, they make sure that your skin is well fed and well hydrated. Naturally, your face is bound to relax and regain its former smoothness. The neck and chest can also benefit with the same beauty products.

Another vital ingredient is Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found within the human body. Your skin remains youthful only because this substance aids in retention of moisture and plumping of the skin for smoothness. The quantity reduces as you age; so you will need to get it back via specific creams. Hyaluronic acid relaxes the skin and smoothens out wrinkles.

4. It will look odd if your face and neck look young, but the rest of you look old. Your skin begins to sag, as elastin fibers are reduced; natural moisture and oils get lost because collagen fibers are lessened in number. And if your diet is unhealthy, or you are not on a regular exercise regimen—well then, expect your skin to loosen.

You will therefore need to get a body firming lotion. A vast range of ingredients contribute to repair—Emu Oil, Amino Acids, Collagen III, a firming Peptide Complex and certain nutrients. Use the lotion on the neck, arms, stomach and legs—it moisturizes, tightens, and brings about optimal cell reproduction.


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