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Redefine yourself with the new hair trend 2010. Take the opportunity to mark the new outlook for the rest of autumn and winter. The new hair trend is the re-working and an evolution of the last year’s hair trend.

Inspired by the last Alexander Wang’s catwalk the braided/ plaited hair trend is the easiest and it looks simply amazing. There are two kinds of braided hair styles one is the fish braid and the other is the long side braid.
The best thing about this hair trend is that it goes with absolutely any hair color. The hair style looks best with a slick side hair style.

One of the hair trends that yet again hit the top of the hair trend list 2010 was the 1940’s inspiration i.e. the waved hair. It is to be kept in mind that the waves have to be firm not curls. It is suitable for all hair colors. Wear it with an off-center or a side part not a centre part.

Yet again inspired by the 1970’s hair trends we come up with the slicked hair trend this year. The hair has to be slicked styled but not overly slicked that it looks overly styled or slicked. This particular style definitely works with the long hair that fall off the midriff.

Yet again inspired by the 1970’s trend we take up the inspiration of the flowing texture. This hair trend takes the natural look, the bed hair rather than the waved hair style trend.

Take some gel and a wide toothed comb or go on with the fingers. Slicked gelled back hair or slicked side hair would do for the latest hair trend. This time we have to give the hair a wet look.
The best hair trend that will last the entire winter is the “chignon” which means an elegant low bun on the nap of the neck. Romantic, soft and loose, this classic chignon gives you a softer look which is always sexy. You can leave some loose strands of hair to frame your hair that gives a dreamy appearance.

With the arrival of the winter we have to get accustomed to the knots. May it be the hair tied up neatly in a knot on top or a messy knot tied up would do as well.

Last in the hair trend list is the twist and rope braid it is yet again inspired by the French hair trend which leaves your hair tied up and nicely managed.

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