Folk painting India is rich and diverse

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Before discussing the origin of folk painting India, it is necessary to briefly understand the background in which art flourished so much in India even in the absence of modern tools and technology. Tools were fewer and technology simply absent.

The background

Until 1947, India was a cluster of several small kingdoms ruled by the respective kings. During varying periods of time, several invasions both from internal enemies as well as external enemies resulted in gradual consolidation of power in the hands of fewer kings. The East India Company exploited the fragility in the system and stamped their authority across every single kingdom over a few decades. Consequent to Independence, the kingdoms were abolished and paved way to the Sovereign Nation known today as India.

Diversity of Folk Painting India

Folk painting India has several forms representing different regions of the Nation. Madhubani Paintings, Mughal Paintings, Rajasthani Paintings, Tanjore Paintings, Mysore Paintings, are among the prominent forms. Promoting Art, literature, culture, fine arts, etc. were among the important functions of a Royal palace. Remember, these were times when electricity was unheard of, present day communication tools virtually non existent. But, there was an abundance of gifted people. Another major factor which aided the encouragement of art and particularly paintings was the need to create visual record of major events. The population in those days was not even 10% of what India holds today. It is in these settings that so many diverse forms of folk painting originated in India. With the efflux of time, some of these art forms even faced extinction due to anonymity and neglect. But enthusiastic art lovers have unearthed many of these ancient forms and restored them to their exalted seats.

With ever so many websites offering a glimpse into these wonderful pieces of art, art lovers from any corner of the world can visually understand and appreciate the exquisite character of these works, right from within the comfort of their homes.

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