Fly your own Spaceship with Star Race Game

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Star racer is a Korean racing game, but it is also available in number of languages. It is one of the most loved games amongst the players due to its beautiful graphics excellent background music and features present in this game.

This game is also available on PS3 nowadays, if you do not want to spend so much just play it online on your personal computer monitor or online. Even playing online is very easy as this is free and easy to download. In this game your goal is to win a race in the Galaxy or a star which you select. You will be then moving your star ships on the star tracks or circuits to win against the time allotted to you. As you reach the checkpoints in the given time you win the level and proceed to the next level. This game can be played with multiplayer option as well, which adds more fun and thrill in your play. There are 9 spaceships from which you can choose and if you want to have some hands on training then there are 9 circuits on which you can get practise sessions before you start your real competition. Star Racer game is full of coloured graphical representation and cool music to boost your enthusiasm. The controls are by up (acceleration) key and down (brake) key. Left and right keys help you to navigate your spaceship to avoid any crashes with another ships. There are three different models which you can play according to your liking and interest these are 1007, 2527 and 3173 types. All of them have diverse graphical collections.

You have to be really concentrated while playing this game as if you bump into another spaceship your speed gets reduced and you loose your time and thus cannot win the race. You must be careful as not to slip into another track as again it may lead to hidden dangers into the circuit somewhere ahead. Always be aware you have a countdown running which you have to beat to win this spaceship race. There are electric shocks also in some levels to stun you so be aware of that and be ready to master your spaceship race.

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