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Isaac Keys was destined for success and his journey has been challenging and rewarding. Being a young man from St. Louis, Missouri, he had great interest in sports and acting. His interest in sports would take him from a graduate at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia to the National Football League. His interest and outstanding accomplishments in football allowed him the opportunity to pursue his love of acting. With loving support and humble teachings from his parents, Isaac would prove to be a positive young man with a solid foundation. He
excelled at everything he attempted, and the skills he developed as an actor were natural. Isaac’s skills and discipline are respected, and you immediately become acquainted with him as an actor. His natural charismatic aura is magnetic and the camera powerfully embraces him with his every word and movement. Whether it is academically, athletically or artistically, his dedication is quite evident. “I realized at an early age that even if things seemed easy for me, I had to be disciplined, confident and have faith. “My father, Isaac Keys, Sr. taught me to be honorable, believe I could do anything and to set high standards for myself,” states Isaac. He listened to his father, and continues to be on the path towards his career as an actor. He is constantly reading for roles, and in the world of Independent Films, he had a brief part in “Congo Square”,

a film that was shot in Louisiana in 2006. Although, his part was brief, he looks like a veteran and his confidence is commanding. He was the host for, “Off Season” a show that was filmed in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. He has been focused his entire life and has never doubted his destiny. His roots were planted in good soil decades ago and his foundation was cemented with prayers, faith, and dreams. Isaac realizes the importance of his foundation and is grateful everyday. He has great admiration for the art of acting, and feels blessed with an opportunity to captivate audiences one day and satisfy his soul at the same time. Isaac Keys, the young man from the “Show Me State” is on his way to Hollywood and unlock the doors to creativity and success.

This week’s Fly Guy is sexy, charming and delightful. All for you, ladies.

Cocoa Cure: You’ve been selected as this week’s Fly Guy. Recently at a press conference in New Orleans covering an annual event, ladies were whistling and catcalling as you entered. Cocoa Cure Magazine was there watching the ladies yearning for our Fly Guy (laughs). How does all the attention feel?

Isaac: Throughout everything I’ve done or experienced in life I have to say I’m proud to be humble. Now that we got that out the way I love the attention (laughs)! Seriously I’m glad it’s positive attention because I thrive off positivity. The attention I really love is when a young woman comes up and compliments me on being a strong, positive, and handsome black man. I placed handsome last on purpose. The first two go a lot further in life.

CC: Morehouse College has produced a legacy of outstanding black men. What attributes do you feel has helped you become successful and what sense of responsibility, if any, do you feel obligated to continue with the legacy?

Isaac: Like you mentioned in your question Morehouse has produced many outstanding black men. I like to look at Morehouse helping to produce an outstanding MAN in myself with no race tied to it. What I learned at Morehouse was bigger than book smarts. It was how to survive adversity and build relationships to help me in this game called life. No matter how much you know it’s still about relationships, you can learn on the run if someone gives you a chance and you are willing!

CC: Who did you play for in the NFL?

Isaac: I played for the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, and the Arizona Cardinals.

CC: It seems like acting has been a natural segue for many reality TV stars. And many reality shows are being accused of being scripted. How real is your affection for Omarosa? Please describe your initial attracted to her.

Isaac: To address the first part of your question I have to say that I was given no script and I don’t believe anyone else was either. The producers put trust in us and our individual personalities to take over the show and they did. I took meeting Omarosa as a great challenge initially because of her track record of being very stern and quick to flip into a less than pleasant mode. Most men enjoy the challenge of breaking down barriers of a woman who has foreseen armor, and I’m no different. What made this exciting is that when I saw her in person, I found her to be even more attractive than I already thought she was. I must say that among other things, I’m a booty man and she represents that department! (laughs) So to answer your question, yes, I am attracted to her.

CC: The ratio between women and men in the ATL is like 25 to 1. So why compete for the love of one woman on TV?

Isaac: I’m not in ATL anymore (laughs)! I’m in LA. Still, it was a different opportunity to get to know a woman. It put me in situations that I have never been in. I have never had to literally win a competition to go on a date with a woman… and then with another guy present! I believe the whole process makes me a better person.

CC: Back to acting, what type of romantic lead would you like to play? How would you make the ladies love you?

Issac: What type of romantic lead huh?? I would want to play the role of a young father with a family – maybe three kids – and a wife, who’s going through real life problems and issues. I believe sometimes you have to make movies that are relative and real. Those are the things people grab hold to and leave the movie feeling in touch. If I can play a role that people can relate to, then sexier opportunities and everything else will come.

CC: Other than your parents, who do you look to for inspiration?

Issac: Besides obtaining inspiration from my parents, whom I’m lucky to have, I seek the good book [The Bible]!

CC: What types of women would you refuse to date?

Isaac: I refuse to date a woman who is negative, unappreciative, unaware of where her blessings come from, selfish, and disrespectful. I got more but I’m going to stop there (laughs).

CC: Random question, what’s your favorite song right now?

Isaac: My favorite song right now is Usher “There Goes My Baby”. It makes me want to pull a beautiful lady in tight and squeeze her with one of those good hugs!

CC: What is it about men that you wish more women would understand?

Isaac: I don’t think it’s about what a woman can understand more about men. I think it’s what a woman can understand more about that particular man. Though the male species has certain similarities, each individual is different. A man’s views and even a woman’s are based on their upbringing and experiences. That alone makes a person unique. The sooner we start to learn the individual and not the gender the sooner you know whether to leave the person or stay for a while!!!

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