Flower Skyrise

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Flower Skyrise is an elegant and understated piece that uses a subtle, limited palette of luminous beiges, browns and whites that highlight and emphasize the glorious and sophisticated flowers that the viewer is presented with. The soft shapes of the flowers in this traditional yet spectacular original canvas painting are smooth and mysterious, with blooming petals and shadowed fascinating caverns that are the heart of the flower. The painting gives us an up close and personal view of the majestic lilies that we are most often viewing from far away. The painter has given a lot of attention to the details of this piece and has created smooth alabaster-like petals that seem so real the viewer might think that they can reach out and touch the soft surface of these beautiful flowers. The central flower figures that are the focus of this piece are arranged in a way that gives us a variety of views and looks at the truly remarkable organism that is the flower. The central subjects stand out against the dark background they are in front of which really focuses the eye and brings it to the center of the painting in a manner that is subtle and elegant.

Although this original canvas painting is very traditional in many ways, it's presentation is very original and enhances the subtle, simple subject at hand. The flowers and the golden brown background colors are captured on a single canvas. The single canvas design is the perfect way to display the subject matter and ideas of this peace, and allows the viewer to make connections between the different components of this piece. Each section is allowed it's own space to grow while still maintaining a close relationship with all the other figures in the piece. This closed quality makes the piece more interesting and easier to manage with just two eyes! This piece will add contemporary, cutting-edge flair to any room and will certainly provide a new point of interest for your home. If you would like to explore more of our absorbing and thoughtful original pieces, a good place to start would be the Traditional Canvas gallery, where there are many tasteful and subtle paintings available for purchase. In addition, if you enjoy this very nuanced painting you will want to take the time to view White Bouquet, which is similar in many ways to Flower Skyrise. Flower Skyrise

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