Flower Girl Dresses in Mini Bridal Styles

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Everyone expects the groom and his groomsmen to look handsome and dapper. They expect the bridesmaids to look beautiful and coordinated. And everyone loves the sight of a little boy gingerly carrying the satin ring cushion. Yet when a little flower girl leads the bride down the aisle tossing flowers in her path, it can be quite a showstopper. While the bride is the center of attention on the big day, the flower girl warms everyone's hearts when she sets foot on the aisle, particularly when she's wearing a mini bridal style.

The mini bridal flower girl dress is a timeless, surefire hit that's guaranteed to make for amazing wedding photos. If you want your flower girl dress to echo your bridal gown, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Dressing the Flower Girl

The flower girl plays a very important role during the wedding ceremony, and she's very visible throughout the entire day. Since she walks down the aisle ahead of the bride, she can set the tone for the entire ceremony. That's why choosing the right flower girl dress is so important.

Regardless of the style, the right flower girl dress should be made of top quality fabrics with meticulous attention to detail. While some brides may choose to bedeck their little flower girls in an exact replica of the bridal gown, others prefer dresses that follow the general style of the bridal gown, but have a distinctly youthful personality.

Flower girls are generally between three and eight years old, and can be somewhat tricky to dress. On the big day, they'll need to stand for long periods of time and are expected to be in their dresses for many hours. A flower girl will also be moving a lot and carrying a basket. So it's important for flower girl dresses to be comfortable and durable while staying within the guidelines and style of the bride's gown.

Age plays a part in the equation as well. It is not often practical for a flower girl to be dressed in an exact replica of the bride's dress. It goes without saying that a little girl wearing a slinky satin sheath cut down the back just would not do.

If you do choose a long flower girl dress, it is important that it be above floor level, or she may trip or stumble down the aisle. The flower girl dress can be constructed out of the same fabric as the bridal gown, or a combination of fabrics that emulate and complement the bride. Again, comfort must be a prerequisite. While a bride may be able to endure some level of discomfort on the big day, a little girl would be quite unhappy in a dress that itches or scratches her. Therefore, lace or scratchy fabrics should be incorporated in her dress in places where it won't interfere or irritate her.

If the bride is wearing a slinky fabric or see-through lace, it is possible to construct the flower girl dress out of the same fabric. But her dress must be age appropriate. The most popular, comfortable and age appropriate styles for a little girl are those that are not too fitted, are fun and frilly and end at mid calf or at the knee. They can contain exaggerated features too, such as sashes or puffy sleeves as long as they are in line with the mini bridal style.

Beading, embroidery or other richly decorated details on the bridal gown can also be included on the flower girl dress. These elaborate embellishments can transform a simply constructed, comfortable flower girl dress into a mini bridal gown instantly.

Flower girl dresses don't have to match bridal gowns precisely. If you want the dresses to coordinate or play off of each other, a good way to do that is by using color. Necklines, sleeves and styles can be altered, but choosing dresses in the exact same shade makes a high impact statement.

Considering the Flower Girl

A bride needs to consider the feelings of her flower girl too. If your flower girl isn't happy and comfortable, it won't matter how her dress looks. Her role is to complement the bride and her dress. A flower girl who is grumpy, uncomfortable or tearful will not make for a happy occasion. Luckily, most little girls will be thrilled to walk down the aisle in a dress that is nothing short of a mini bridal gown!

By following these simple guidelines and using a little creativity, you can find a mini bridal flower girl dress that you, your flower girl, and the entire wedding party will love.

Arianna Jordan is a freelance writer who writes about wedding dresses and flower girl dresses.

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