Flower Girl Baskets Back in Favour with Modern Brides 

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Flowers Brisbane have a wealth of knowledge about flowers, floral art and arrangements and this is nowhere more evident than in their brag book of wedding parties. Hundreds of brides have used their expertise to help them create floral magic on the one day in their lives that everything must go just right.

Flower girl baskets are coming back into favour, but there are a few things to consider before making the switch from bouquets. In most cases flower girls are quite young so when you think about the types of baskets you want them to hold, make sure consider the amount of time they will be holding it for. It is pointless to pay for large, expensive baskets if they become too heavy and awkward for the little ones.

Many brides save on costs by buying and decorating unfilled baskets, and getting the fresh flowers from the florist on the day. Here are a few helpful suggestions:

> The handles should be easy for little hands to hold, and also thin, as a thick handle will tire tiny fingers quickly. It should be wrapped with a soft, non-slip material to protect the skin, but nothing sticky or fussy, like feathers or sequins.

> Ribbons look great tied to a basket. Use the themed colours, but make sure they aren't too long. If they trail on the floor, the flower girls could trip and fall.

> Choose small baskets. Think about a tiny girl and how much strength she needs to hold it for hours. Tiny is very cute; a tiny basket carried by a tiny girl in a beautiful princess dress. There won't be a dry eye in the house, and it won't cost as much to fill it.

> Consider having flat baskets which allow everyone to see the flowers without peering over the top of the basket. These lend themselves to floral arrangements that drape down.

The style of basket and how it's decorated will influence the arrangement. If the flower girls are sprinkling petals in front of the bridal party, there isn't any arranging, other than ensuring there are plenty of petals. Skimping could mean an empty basket half-way up the aisle, and an unhappy flower girl. If, however, the flowers are staying in the basket, look at the different types of inserts to keep them in place.

The style and theme of the wedding will help to decide which flowers to use. They should not be heavy, nor have long stems or thorns e.g. gladioli or long-stemmed roses. These would be difficult for a little person to carry. Is it an informal gathering with immediate family and a few close friends? If this is the case, maybe a smaller type of arrangement using more dainty flowers like daisies or dwarf carnations or small Australian native flowers would be more appropriate. For a larger, more formal wedding, traditional flowers are appropriate.


Brides-to-be are flocking to choose Flowers Brisbane for their flower girls baskets. With the help of a Florist Brisbane like Flowers on Oxford brides are designing their own baskets to suit the wedding theme and the little girls who carry them.

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