Flavorful Raw Food Smoothie Recipes to Make at Your Home

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For a sweeter smoothie, you can use orange juice, grape juice or apple juice rather of milk. For a much more nutritious smoothie, you can use vegetable or tomato juice.

Crushed ice provides a thicker, frothy texture to the smoothie. Ice also provides a cold, refreshing drink in the summer time.

Honey is a organic sweetener and can enhance the taste of your smoothie. For added texture and variation, you can add flax seeds, wheat germ, muesli or oatmeal.

Here's a simple Banana-Strawberry Smoothie Recipe. Add three sliced bananas, ten strawberries, a cup of apple juice and a cup of yogurt in a blender. Blend until finally smooth and wealthy in texture. Appreciate the smoothie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on leading.

For a Sweet Vegetable Smoothie Recipe, put the following ingredients in a blender: 1 sliced apple, ? cup peeled and sliced carrots, ? cup peeled and diced cucumber, 1 cup apple juice, ? cup apple sauce, 2 cups crushed ice and 1 teaspoon nutmeg or cinnamon. Blend till smooth. Pour into tall glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint. Delight in!

If you don't personal a Vita Mix, may I suggest you invest in 1. There are surely a million recipes exactly where the Vita Blend is applied and it is really worth every single penny. Often times your nearby Costco will have the Vita Mix Organization come in to do 3 days of demonstrations. Examine with Costco on the web for facts. The unit can also be bought straight from the Vita Blend Small business itself. Anyway, if you do not have one particular, a common blender will just have to do.

The following drink can be a potent green recipe that keeps all from the fiber intact, which makes the recipe itself even healthier. I make adequate for three days and each and every day I consume a quart. No matter what anybody could say, the drink is as fresh and tasty on day 3 as it is on day 1.

Green Smoothies can frequently be linked with the Liver. They are often employed as a food that supports and aids retain the liver healthy.

I use only natural vegetables. Nevertheless, if natural is not accessible, then I use whatever other greens I may have. Of all vegetables, celery is the only one that really will be genuinely beneficial to be organic. Be creative, play utilizing the beverage, modify it about and make it your own.

* Two stalks of celery

* A handful of parsley

* A handful of cilantro

* A handful of Spinach

* 3-four Collard Green leaves (stem and all)

* three-4 Kale Green Leaves (stem and all)

* 1-2 Apples (for a touch of sweetness)

* 1 Cucumber

* A little piece of Ginger in the occasion you really feel like a slight "zing"

I also add what ever else I have close to for instance a zucchini or yellow squash, an added variety of greens along the lines of turnip greens, possibly a mustard green and so on.

I at times will use Dandelion which is amazing for the Liver but indeed will make the juice on the bitter side. If working with Dandelion makes positive you use two apples.

There are a quantity of raw smoothie recipe books which have some terrific green smoothie recipes.

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I am an avid health nut and love experimenting with nutrition and diet adjustments. My newest kick is raw food living. I have been experimenting with a raw food diet for some time now and love sharing my experience with the world.

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