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Flashlight (Free)

REVIEW - "Need a Light? Try the Flashlight App"

You often hear people joking about the many superfluous iPhone apps available. Who needs this stuff? Flashlight might seem like that kind of app, but you would be surprised by the many uses you can find for this handy tool.

The flashlight app is as the name implies - it turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Just click on the app icon on your iPhone and you have an instant flashlight.

Wondering how you might use this app? There are more ways than you might think.

Many people report using the Flashlight app at concerts, or at night when getting into dark cars. If you like to read at night but your partner sleeps before you do, you can use the iPhone as a book light. The power went out? Your iPhone might be easier to find than a candle or traditional flashlight.

Flashlight will fill your iPhone with bright white light, but if you put your finger on the white light for a few second, you'll bring up a settings menu which will allow you to change the color of your flashlight. Choices include blue, green, red, and custom colors you can set from within Flashlight.

The newest version of Flashlight even includes a strobe feature, which could be fun at a concert. The designer does warn that the strobe setting can bother some people, so use with caution.

I've used Flashlight in my closet. I keep shoes in boxes on high shelves and the area is not well lit. I simply used Flashlight to light up the dark area. Be aware that the default white light is brightest, while the red is fairly dark. If you need help with lighting, white is probably your best bet, while the blue and red are just fun accents.

Flashlight really lets you "light up" your world. Hardly superfluous, this app is one of the simplest, but also one of the most useful.

- Deb M.

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