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I have an extremely massive iTunes mp3 library, which I would love to have repaired. It's so unorganized and out of order. There are so many tracks with missing information, unnamed mp3s, missing band names, missing song information, missing album details and lost genres information, album cover artwork that is not there and a whole bunch of other mix ups. I also have so many dupes in my iTunes that I probably should not have in it because it's taking up space that needs to be made room for other songs. Also my iTunes mp3 collection is massive. I have almost 140,000 songs in it. I think 55% of my collection if not 65% of my collection needs organizing and repairing. So I need to fix my iTunes and get it organized and running smoothly and beautifully. I can launch my iTunes and physically add album cover artwork to my entire iTunes library I have that are missing the album covers. But as I stated earlier I don't really know which albums need them but I run across often an album missing artwork here and a song missing the artwork there. I am right about 50 60% of my iTunes library, are missing the beautiful cover album art and it will take me a really long time to manually find the artwork and add it to my iTunes mp3s by hand. I need a really amazing software program that's going to do it for me all automatically.

How many hours or days do you think it's going to take me to add album cover artwork to my songs and albums in my iTunes? If I did it one at a time going through Google or Bing or Yahoo images it could take me such a long time with my collection of songs in iTunes. It's a huge task and a tedious task at that.

Even an iTunes collection that's half of the mp3s that I have will take a really long time as well. It could take so long and eventually you'll give up and not finish it. So doing it manually is just not going to cut it for me to fix my iTunes. So to fix your iTunes you need to get it automated!

Well we're in luck because there's an awesome piece of software that will do all of that for you and do a lot more as well. What it does is great job and once you run this great tool you'll be so happy with your iTunes collection. You launch the program and set it up and it does it's thing automatically. It goes to an online database and gathers information about the music in your collection so that it finds the correct album artwork to attach to your mp3s. If you're library is as huge as mine or even half of the size of mine then you'll have to set it up and let it run and do it's thing. Once you come back you'll have a brand spanking rockin' fixed iTunes with all album cover artwork and more.

What it does more is a lot more stuff to fix your iTunes and make it rock. It fixes a lot of things that you're iTunes needs to have fixed.

1. Fix iTunes album artwork
-which we have already discussed.

2. Removes duplicate songs
-having duplicate songs in my iTunes is so annoying to me. It gets on my nerves when I have playlists set up and I have a song in the playlist that's the same as another one. I have many albums by bands and bands release greatest hits collections, singles etc so I would probably have a song by one band 5 10 times in my iTunes from 5 10 albums. Well this cool tool will find your duplicate songs and either remove them or set them aside whichever you prefer. But it only removes or sets aside the lower quality files and leaves the highest quality song in your iTunes.

3. Fill In Missing Artists, Years and Genres
-this is a cool feature as well because gosh I have so many songs with missing information in my iTunes. If you have missing information in your iTunes then that makes it harder for you to find the song you are looking or know what the song is that you are listening to to even consider buying more from that band. Well this tool fixes all that for you by tapping into it's smart online database and filling in all the information you need to have in your iTunes. Because, really it's important to have all the info for all your music in your iTunes. You need to have all of that fixed in iTunes!

4. Fill In Missing Song Details
-another important feature that should be noted. This priceless software fixes all of your misspelled and missing artist, album, track, name, genres and year details. It renames artists and albums with their correct format. For example "Dave Matthews Band" not "Dave Matthews."

5. All Automatic
-best of all this software is completely automated. Automatic. Runs on it's own. You set it up and let it do it's thing and you are all set. Come back to a rockin' fixed iTunes! Et voila!

To Fix Your iTunes songs automatically, to remove iTunes duplicate songs automatically and to fix your iTunes album cover artwork visit Fix Your iTunes and Fix Your iTunes!!! Also visit to clean up all your iTunes songs!

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