Five Tips on Maintaining Your Full Lace Wig

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Full lace wig is one accessory that has the potential to modify your appearance and make you look attractive. On the other hand, it also demands a lot of maintenance and care yet increases its longevity. The following are tips on how to properly maintain your full lace unit.
Use moisture rich conditioning:
When you remove your unit, its best to apply mild shampoo to cleanse it and then use a moisture rich conditioner to add and retain the moisture in the hair. A good conditioner will assist in keeping your unit soft, frizz free with a natural healthy glow and increase the longevity of your investment. The most common question is how often you should you wash your unit. Itís generally recommended to wash your hair system once every two weeks.
Comb before condition:
Lace wigs developed from synthetic or donor hair can frequently tangle, especially during the winter season where the air is dry. Therefore, when attempting to wash your unit, its best to gently comb it out prior to doing so. This helps prevent further tangles, which when combed during or after the wash can lead to excessive shedding.

Handle cautiously:
Hair systems developed from lace are known to be fragile; therefore you should be cautious and delicate when attempting to apply your unit. In addition, delicacy should be practiced when brushing and/or styling your wig. Itís best to avoid doing anything with force such as pushing or pulling, which can essentially damage or destroy your unit.
Use net covers while swimming:
When you are going for a swim, it should be handled with care. Although water wonít harm the wig, but chlorine or salt can. A cover for your wig is recommended while swimming to protect it from the salts and chlorine present in the water. Showing carelessness in this case will not harm your wig for sure, but as they say, better safe than sorry.
Hair sprays and gels:
Itís very common to lean on the use of hair sprays or styling gels to style your full lace wig, however its highly not recommended. When you apply strong styling products such as gel it can weigh down your hair which will lead to shedding, it also dries out your hair and forces you to wash it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. As mentioned previously, washing it frequently leads to dry hair and excessive shedding which results in a depletion of the longevity of your unit.

Lace hair systems have the potential to alter and improve your appearance for all occasions, however to continue the use of your unit, you must understand the importance of caring for it. The above tips will assist you in maintaining your unit.

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