Five Things I Like About BlackBerry Torch

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For most people who owns an Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Torch may not be appealing to them. But after a week of carrying a BlackBerry Torch review model, I can argue that some of its features are better than most smart phones and droids.

I was surprised last week when I received a review unit from Smartphone Review Inc with a letter asking me for a review to be posted in my mobile phone blog. It's free so I didn't hesitate to accept it and wrote an honest review after 2 days of using it.

No one can deny that Apple's iPhone is still the leading and the best product when it comes to smart phones but the BlackBerry Torch have some distinct features that true users like me would certainly prefer. I received more than a dozen of review products from different companies with different brands and each of these products has always its own positive and negative things. There are some minor things I don't like with BlackBerry Torch but I always write on the positive things. Those negative features could not overcome the positives so those are not really important.

After a week of using this new device, some things I consider a plus factor.

1. The Home Screen
I like the way how the home screen is designed. There is no problem moving right and left, up and down. I also like the way the Twitter and some important applications are now part of the default icons. Having the text message icon on top is another thing that interests me. Unlike my old BlackBerry Storm, RIM Has a major improvement on this model.

2. The Touch Screen
I always appreciate the combination of touch screen and physical typing. I used to own a Palm Treo and this feature is one of the things I am always looking from any smart phone that I receive. The pinch and zoom, which is not available in most phones is a good addition.

3. The Keyboard and Touch Pad
I really don't like a phone without a touch pad. BlackBerry Torch's keyboard is small but I can tell you that its one f the best. I am having difficulty with iPhone especially in moving the cursor around through letters. BlackBerry Torch beat iPhone in this department.

4. The Browser
I always like the BlackBerry's OS 6 and with the touch screen and accelerometer, it is more easier to switch from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa.

5. The Overall Design
I just like the overall design though it is heavier than the Bold. I feel its more handy and easy to carry.

If you own a BlackBerry Torch, you may or may not agree with me but the convenience of using it and how it functions depends on your personal needs. There is actually no bad or good feature. It depends on every user.

If you are living in US, you can still get a free BlackBerry Torch for testing and write your own review. Or get a free iPhone 4G to compare the features and functions.

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