Five Reasons Why You Should Buy the Dahle 20514 Paper Shredder For Your Office

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Thanks to the increasing likelihood of such modern crimes as identity theft, it has never been more important to have a paper shredder in your office. Just like photocopiers and personal computers, shredders are a must-have item. Using a shredder can help prevent all of your very private information from ending up in the wrong hands. If you have yet to purchase one of these machines - or if you need to get another one for your office - one product that is worth your consideration is the Dahle 20514 office shredder. Here are five reasons why this product is worth considering for your office.

  1. A high degree of security. What do you need to shred? Is it mostly financial records and maybe old tax returns? Credit information? Employee files? Information about your patients' medical histories? If so, the 20514 is up to the task. This product is a cross-cut machine and it has a Level Three security rating allowing it to take your private documents and turn them into confetti. That way your identity will be safe and you won't find yourself or your company the party to a lawsuit involving the violation of federal privacy laws.

  2. The ability to destroy a lot of documents. The 20514 can shred a respectable 12-15 sheets at once depending on the thickness of the paper. Over the course of a single day, you will be able to shred upwards of 2,000 sheets of paper. The feed opening measures 10-1/4" across so you can easily feed it both letter- and legal-sized paper, as well as credit cards. The machine's powerful steel blades can also handle metal fasteners such as staples.

  3. A strong presence. This machine is over two feet tall and weighs a hefty 100 pounds. While it is too large to be an under-the-desk shredder, the 20514 would look fabulous in the middle of your office where it can be accessed by everyone. This product even has rubber shock mounts that absorb sound and vibrations, and make operating the 20514 a peaceful experience.

  4. Great construction. This product has been very well-constructed by Dahle. But premium steel blades and quiet operation aren't the only features that make this machine worthwhile. It also has a roomy 16-gallon waste compartment and a handful of automatic features that can help you save time. This product will alert you when you need to make room in the waste compartment and it will turn itself on for shredding when paper is inserted into the feed opening. Plus, it has a 1/2-horsepower motor which is pretty impressive for a machine of this size.

  5. Guaranteed performance...and protection. The 20514 is covered by two warranties. The first is a two-year warranty on parts and labor, while the second is a lifetime warranty on the cutting heads. This way your machine will be able to give you security long into the future.

Security, shredding capacity, presence, construction, and protection are five great reasons to consider the Dahle 20514 Office Shredder. So be sure to purchase one for your office as soon as possible!

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