Five Reasons to Consider Dahle Vantage Paper Scissors

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Scissors... They are an item that everyone must use at some point, even if we don't give them much thought in day-to-day life. Just about everyone has a pair of these sitting in a drawer or in a pencil cup on top of a desk or even in a sewing basket, but have you ever thought about what you should consider when buying a pair? Or even thought about which pair you should buy? Well, don't fret, because this article will tell you all about Dahle Vantage scissors, which are some of the best - and most affordable - shears available. Plus, it will also fill you in on what makes them great. Here are five things that make these cutters worth your consideration.
  1. Affordability. The cost of things is an issue even when we're not in a recession, but during an economic downturn, it becomes crucial to save every penny possible. Luckily, these scissors are very affordable, with the shortest pair retailing for only $3.49. That means just about everyone who needs them can afford a pair of these shears, no matter what his/her financial situation is like.
  2. German quality. Although these cutters are inexpensive, that doesn't mean that Dahle skimped on the quality, especially on the blades. The blades are rust-resistant and made from high-quality, ground stainless steel that's guaranteed to stay sharp even after a lot of use. These scissors even come with a 90-day warranty should you inadvertently purchase a defective pair.
  3. Three different lengths. Dahle Vantage scissors come in three different sizes: 5-inch (model #40005), 6-inch (model #40006), and 8-inch (model #40008). That means these shears can be used on a variety of different-sized paper and they can easily be used no matter if you have big hands or small. Even children can use these shears, although adult supervision is recommended for obvious reasons.
  4. A variety of uses. These cutters are great for just about any type of paper cutting job. You can use them in a variety of ways:
    1. Cutting out coupons. (A great way to help you save money at the grocery store.)
    2. Crafts, such as creating greeting cards, knitting, and embroidery. (Note that these tools can cut yarn and thread, but they are not ideal for cutting fabric. However, Dahle Comfort Grip cutters and Super Shears can.)
    3. Working with thick types of paper, including card stock.
    4. Wrapping gifts. (Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner, after all.)
    5. School and work assignments.
    6. Any other project that requires a great pair of paper scissors.
  5. They're comfortable. Using shears for any length of time can cause you pain. One way to avoid this is by using a pair of shears that have comfortable handles. Dahle Vantage scissors definitely do. The handles are made from incredibly durable plastic that has been molded to comfortably fit in your hand. This will greatly reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries and plain old fatigue, especially if you use your cutters a lot.

After reading this, there's no doubt that you've given scissors much more thought that you may have in the past. So why not take this knowledge and get yourself a pair of Dahle Vantage scissors today?

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