Five Reasons to Check Out the Formax FD 8400CC Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

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The Formax FD 8400CC offers you and your business a hard working, easy to maintain shredder with Level 3 Security. It handles staples, paper clips and credit cards with ease, and offers a lifetime limited warranty on the heat-treated steel cutting heads. Here are some more great reasons that you should check out the FD 8400CC today.

  1. Easy to Use. The FD 8400CC features an optical sensor in the feed opening that detects when you place paper in the slot, and begins operation, and stops when the job is finished. There is also a manual function that you can use when shredding materials such as film that are too small to be detected by the sensor. The well-lit, easy to read LED control panel always lets you know the operational mode of the FD 8400CC, and is easy for any user to figure out. This machine also features an auto reverse function that detects a possible paper jam and kicks the motor into reverse to clear the jam.

  2. Capacity. The FD 8400CC's motor is a powerful and efficient machine that runs at an impressive 30 feet per minute. The heavy duty steel gears make this shredder a real workhorse, and offer you and your office a high level of performance while keeping the noisy distractions to a minimum. The FD 8400CC's impressive sheet capacity allows you to shred up to 20 sheets at a time, and the feed opening of 12 inches will accommodate most commonly used paper sizes with ease.

  3. Security. The FD 8400CC is a Level 3 Security shredder, meaning that it will bring you and your business into compliance with all federal regulations that concern the destruction of personal information. These laws were passed in 2005 to help stem the rising tide of consumer fraud and identity theft, and non adherence can lead to large fines as well as civil litigation. The FD 8400CC is a great way to protect your business, your employees and your customers.

  4. Easy to Maintain. One of the challenges of operating a shredder can be knowing when the cutting blades need to be oiled. The FD 8400CC makes maintenance a breeze with an oil indicator light that flashes on the control panel LED after every four hours of operation. To make it even easier, you can pick up the optional EvenFlow oiling system that utilizes an easy to use pump to keep your blades in peak cutting form. The FD 8400CC also has a remarkable feature that allows you to clean the cutting blades if you ever notice that the shredder's capacity has decreased. All you have to do to clean the blades is to press the reverse button for five seconds and the motor will run in reverse for a minute, cleaning the blades, and returning the shredder to optimal function.

  5. Self Diagnosing. The FD 8400CC's on-board computer records the machine's operation time, the number of instances that the auto reverse was used, and the volume of paper you have shredded, and can display this information to technicians if you ever require a service call.

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