Five Reasons to Check Out the Formax FD 8300CC Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

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The Formax FD 8300CC offers the small business or home office high security level 4 shredding, along with space saving design and rugged construction. Here are just a few of the many great reasons you should check out the FD 8300CC today.

  1. High Security. The FD 8300CC is a Level 4 Security shredder, meaning that not only is it a machine that complies with federal regulations regarding the destruction of personal and sensitive customer and employee information, it is recommended for the destruction of information that is crucial to the survival of your business. Producing shreds of 1/16" by 5/8" the FD 8300CC is a powerful and compact desk-side unit that would make a great choice for a manager or executive who needs to make absolutely sure that certain information never falls into the wrong hands.

  2. Easy to Operate. The FD 8300CC features an easy to read, easy to use LED control panel that lets you know the machine's operational status at all times. You can set the FD 8300CC for automatic start/stop so that the optical sensor will detect when you place paper in the feed opening and start operation immediately, and stop when the job is done. This means that you can just place your documents in the shredder and walk away, saving you time and effort. There is also an auto reverse function that automatically detects a possible paper jam and immediately kicks the motor into reverse to in order to clear it. There is also a manual setting that you can use when you are shredding film and other items that are too small to be detected by the optical sensor.

  3. Powerful and Quiet. The FD 8300CC's motor is constructed with rugged, heavy duty steel gears that are optimized for high performance. But this powerful system also gives you the added bonus of quiet operation, meaning distractions will be kept to a minimum. The cutting heads of the FD 8300CC are made of a special heat treated steel that are engineered for longevity and that will require minimal maintenance and oiling. These cutting heads can handle staples and paper clips with ease and are guaranteed for the life of the machine. The motor also features thermal overload protection meaning that if it ever begins to overheat from heavy use, it will shut itself off, preventing any damage from occurring.

  4. Safe. The FD 8300CC features automatic shutoff when the cabinet door is opened for any reason, and also when the shredder bag is full. There is also an on-board circuit breaker that ensures that the machine is operating safely and not overloading the electrical system.

  5. Heavy Duty Construction. The waste bin of the FD 8300CC is not only an impressive 9.5 gallons, it is all metal, heavy duty, and guaranteed for the life of the machine. The cabinet in which it sits is also all metal, and features high quality casters that will allow you to simply roll the FD 8300CC to wherever you may need to use it at any given time.

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