Five Reasons to Check Out the Dahle Professional Pencil Sharpener

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In addition to manufacturing paper shredders and cutting tools, 20-year industry veteran Dahle makes a fantastic lineup of pencil sharpeners. One of these is the 155, their professional-grade pencil sharpener. If you have been searching for a high-quality sharpener for your classroom, art studio, or office, you should really take a peek at this sharpener. It's made by a great company, and it is affordable and very versatile in a lot of ways. Here are five reasons why the Dahle professional pencil sharpener should be on your office, school, or art supply wish list.

  1. Professional results. The Dahle professional-grade pencil sharpener is one of the best pencil sharpeners you can buy. The shaving blades are made from German-made Solingen steel, which is one of the best quality cutting tools around. The blades are easy to clean and are part of the sharpener's automatic cutting system that can detect when the pencil is sharpened enough. When this happens, the sharpener will let the pencil spin around so it won't be sharpened down to nothing. You can also choose just how sharp your want your pencil to be simply by rotating a dial. This can help you save lead, meaning you won't have to replace your pencil anytime soon. The blades are also replaceable, so if they get dull, you won't have to totally replace your sharpener.

  2. Pick your artistic medium. No matter what kind of pencil you use, this pencil sharpener can handle it. That includes No. 2 pencils, pencil crayons (also known as colored pencils), and big, oversized artist's pencils. This means you don't have to have a bunch of different pencil sharpeners to take care of your sharpening needs. One gadget can do it all for you.

  3. Clarity. The Dahle professional-grade pencil sharpener has a clear shavings cup so it is easy to see when you need to get rid of the savings. This cup is also easy to clean so the plastic will always be able to look crystal-clear.

  4. To mount or not to mount? This Dahle pencil sharpener can be mounted to a counter-top or wall, for total accessibility, and it comes with a mounting clamp so you can get it mounted quickly. However, this pencil sharpener doesn't need to be mounted. You can store in in a drawer or tote it around with you if you need to use it a lot.

  5. Affordability. The Dahle professional-grade sharpener is priced at $29.95, making it affordable for anyone who wants or needs a high-quality sharpener.

Choosing a pencil sharpener should never be difficult and with a product like the Dahle professional pencil sharpener available, the choice is easy. This is a great gadget that will be a big help if you need an affordable, top-notch sharpener that is portable and can sharpened a lot of different kinds of pencils. Whether you're an artist, teacher, student, or office worker, the Dahle professional-grade pencil sharpener can make sharpening your pencils simple and fun, so get one today and get those pencils ready!

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