Five Reasons to Buy the Speedylam 330R10 Pouch Laminator

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One of the things you should look for when buying a laminator is how fast the machine can perform. Having a machine that can laminate things quickly will save you a lot of time. One of the fastest laminators available is the SpeedyLam 330R10. To find out just how fast this laminator is, as well as discover several reasons why you should consider buying this machine, please keep on reading.

  1. It lives up to its name: The SpeedyLam 330R10 is one of the fastest pouch laminators you can currently buy. It can laminate a letter-sized document in about five seconds or about 12 feet of material per minute. This makes this machine ideal for companies that need to quickly laminate a lot of documents.

  2. Things just keep on rolling: The SpeedyLam 330R10 has a whopping ten rollers. Six of these are heated, which allows for flawless, crystal-clear lamination of all kinds of different items, even those that don't take well to hot lamination, such as photographs and documents printed with an inkjet cartridge. This means you'll only have to have one laminator instead of several that can handle all of your laminating needs.

  3. Staying cool. One of the best things about the SpeedyLam 330R10 is that it has a built-in cooling mechanism that makes it quick and easy to cool down your machine. When this mode is engaged, fans cool the interior of the machine until the desired shut-off temperature is reached. When that happens, the machine will automatically turn off. This helps reduce wear and tear on the laminator, which means you're less likely to have to repair or replace the machine. The cooling feature also helps keep the unit cool to the touch, so you won't burn yourself.

  4. Through thick and thin. The SpeedyLam 330R10 can handle the full range of laminating pouches, all the way up to 10 mil in thickness. This means you can laminate just about anything you want, so long as it can fit into the machine's 13-inch feed opening. Photographs, legal documents, business cards, signs, menus, and more can all be laminated with this machine.

  5. It's user-friendly. There's no point in using a laminator if the machine isn't easy to use. Luckily, the SpeedyLam 330R10 can be used by just about everyone without a lot of effort. The machine has an LED control panel that can be used to control the machine's temperature and speed settings, making it easy for users to choose between hot and cold lamination. (The machine can do both and it can reach a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. The integrated temperature measure can tell you just how hot or cool the rollers actually are when you laminate.) There's also a reverse feature that can be used if a pouch jam occurs and you can keep track of how many documents you laminate thanks to the machine's counter feature. Finally, the top of this machine can be easily removed, making routine maintenance simple.

In addition to its exceptional speed, this laminating system has a lot of great features that should appeal to anyone who needs a high-quality laminator. So if you need a laminating machine, you should definitely consider buying the SpeedyLam 330R10.

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