Five Helpful Techniques for Reconnecting With a Troubled Adolescent

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For you to reconnect with your troubled adolescent, it is helpful to think about the following valuable suggestions: identify your own outlook about certain circumstances, know the passions of your teenager, plainly define your own rules and objectives, develop a better communication with your adolescent, and seek out help from several sources of support.

As a mother or father, you need to start the move in setting up a healthier relationship with your adolescent. It may seem a lttle bit challenging to deal with your teenage kids because they are trapped by the major and also serious modifications in various aspects of their own lives. There would be instances when showing their feelings and thoughts would appear to be so tough that most adolescents would tend to become wayward due to unresolved concerns. It's a predestined duty of the dad and mom to extend all the aid to their adolescents to make them fully understand of the new and unavoidable process of becoming adults. The following are some valuable methods to reconnect with your troubled teens.

Know your view about certain situations

It is important to be able to recognize how you usually react to a certain situation in your life. If you got a better view on critical issues, then probably you will have better judgment and reactions to critical concerns. Considering that you're able to handle tough situations in everyday life, it would also be simple for you to deal with your errant teenagers. In case you have a lower level of dealing with stress, it might also be likely that your coping mechanism with the wild teens might end up undesirable and thus restricting you to lead them favorably.

Be aware of the interests of your adolescent

In order to reconnect with your adolescents, it is best to understand their interests. This is a great tool of getting into their lives without really intruding and also invading their own sense of autonomy. Create a connection between you and your teenagers by participating in shared activities including having the same types of recreation and hobbies. In this way, you are able to start a much better and stronger relationship with your adolescents because you have already set up a connection. It is also necessary to take note that this should not hinder them from contacting others particularly to other teenagers like them. At the same time, mother and father should be able to make and keep a strong and constructive influence on their teens.

Define your own principles and also objectives

Well-defined rules and expectations are vital in nurturing rapport with your teens. When detailing certain instructions as well as other details, as a parent, it's your task to ensure you have conveyed them all plainly in order to avoid ambiguity that could cause them to disregard any of your principles that are supposedly necessary for their overall development.

Build a better connection with your adolescent

It is imperative to pave the way for a good connection with your troubled teens. There's no better way of dealing with these types of kids than to concentrate on cultivating an open interaction with them. Allowing your teenagers to speak their minds is a great method of building self-confidence in them. Furthermore, it permits them to believe in you with their own feelings and ideas. The aim is not to govern their own lives but rather to guide them to the correct directions. Anyway, it is important to consider nonverbal forms of connection also. Learn to decipher the messages which are expressed through your adolescents' body languages.

Seek aid from various sources of assistance

In the event it becomes difficult for you to know and also manage your rebellious teenagers, it's about time to seek aid from an expert therapist, or from good friends and also close family members which are important to your teens' lives.

Your adolescent's misbehaviors can be due to a lot of reasons, but the concern here is how to manage them in a firm approach that is not at all pushy. Every teenager should be handled separately and not basing on a common rule because each one is unique and the causes of being a little problematic might also differ. Be mindful that troubled teens are undergoing a baffling and incomprehensible stage in their lives, which they desperately need proper guidance.


Written by Patricia Strasser. For additional tips about dealing with troubled teens and know excellent parenting skills, visit

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