Five General Causes Behind Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy imposes life-altering consequences and obligations. The physiological changes that women experience during pregnancy will certainly be rough for a teenager. Also, young girls are generally not emotionally as well as economically prepared to handle the results and needs associated with being a mother. Their schooling as well as ambitions will likely be hindered as they will be required to concentrate their attention on rearing their child or supporting their new family. To manage or prevent teenage pregnancy, it is crucial to know a few of the reasons associated with it.

Deficiency of quality informative programs

One of several generally mentioned causes of teen pregnancy would be the deficiency of quality informative programs. The sex education lessons instructed in public institutions only refer to abstinence as the reliable solution against conception. These programs are certainly minimal, as they do not teach teens about safe sex actions or the usage of contraceptives. Consequently, youngsters end up sexually active with no knowledge of how they can prevent themselves from getting pregnant. Many states already have recognized the inefficacy of these lessons and have now scrapped them from their educational system.

Prohibitions from being able to buy contraceptives

Some states prohibit adolescents from obtaining birth control methods without the permission of their parents. However, there are a lot of community health care treatment centers that provide contraceptives at a lower cost or even for free. But some teens usually are reluctant to get them for the fear of being exposed. Also, there are some programs in academic institutions that offer totally free contraceptives, yet somehow this matter has been the subject of much argument and has brought about long-running lawsuits.

Sexual attack or rape

Many youths become pregnant due to sexual attack or even rape. Unfortunately, in most cases, the afflicted individuals tend to keep silent because of fear which will keep the adolescent from acquiring legitimate help and even usage of rape kits. There are certain cases in which teenage girls take part in a romantic relationship with an older man who might force them to have sex even when they are not prepared or even not comfortable.

Monetary issues

Study has shown that teen pregnancy most likely occurs in indigent cities or towns. In the USA, the vast majority of young mothers are found in rural regions or inner state districts. Most teenage births are also centered in Western and Southern states. This might be attributed partially to less fortunate homes having significantly less access to professional medical help or schooling required to prevent teen pregnancy.

Ethnic rituals

In a number of substandard nations around the world, girls may enter into marital life even at a very young age. These girls frequently wind up having children immediately. They likewise have limited access to medical care and also the needed schooling which might have prevented them from conceiving a child. Nevertheless, these ethnicities usually don't place much social stigma or discrimination on girls who get pregnant at an early age.

Approximately 80% of teen pregnancy is unexpected. This only further proves that many young people are entering into situations that they are not prepared for.


Written by Patricia Strasser. Read more about the consequences of and other important information on the subject of teenage pregnancy at

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