Five Fascinating Facts About Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

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Born March 30th, 1853, Vincent Van Gogh produced numerous nine hundred paintings in addition to 1,100 sketches, the majority of which were produced in the last 10 years of his life. Struggling psychological illness, Van Gogh shot himself, succumbing two days following on July 29, 1890. His art work thrives on, as does his tale. Five items to note in relation to this amazing individuality are uncovered below.

1. It was throughout a period of time where he was preaching to mine laborers for no compensation which Van Gogh started to create charcoal drawings. During 1880, upon the recommendation of his younger brother Theo, he took up painting in earnest. Certainly , there was a limited period throughout this time where by Van Gogh took lessons from Anton Mauve at The Hague.

2. Van Gogh pursued study at the art academy of Antwerp, Belgium. He was terminated following only a couple of brief months. It was during this time nevertheless, that he found a certain passion for Japanese art work, and he really began a collection in earnest, appreciating the glowing colors and usage of space.

3. Van Gogh was only recognized to have sold just one painting in the course of his lifetime. Painted in 1888, "The Red Vineyard" is currently on exhibit within the Pushkin Museum in Moscow Russia.

4. Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo were the very best of friends, as their connection is well documented in a collection of correspondence which was revealed around 1914.

5. To this time, the legend of Van Gogh lives on. March 30, 1987 at a famous New York auction house, his painting "Irises", ended up selling for a record setting $53.9 million. In 1990 he broke the records for a second time when his "Portrait of Doctor Gachet", ended up selling by means of Christie's for a monstrous $82.5 million dollars.

Little known or treasured during his lifetime, Vincent Van Gogh's effect on 20th century art will be significant. Since he had no children of his very own, Van Gogh considered his works his kids. Undoubtedly, he would certainly be proud of how they have carried on his name.

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