First Steps in Creating a Podcast

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There are three elements that your audience will use to judge any learning content including that provided in a podcast. The first is content. The second is organization. And the third is delivery.

This repetition not only gives you more chances to improve your reputation but it also increases your reputation. After all, if you are appearing in front of your customer on a weekly basis you have four chances per month to really impress them. Not only that but you will slowly increase the reputation each time as they get to know you and what you can do for them.

Do you have available bandwidth? Of course, not everything is a positive with podcasts. With effort the bandwidth can be kept low. And if you have to you can always offload them to a provider. However, they can be bandwidth hogs. And in order to guarantee that people stick around your site you need to store a history of them. That means lots of downloads and lots of bandwidth when compared to textual data.

Want that deep rumbly voice that all good radio broadcasters have? The voice of doom... even if you aren't planning a career on a ranch! Move the microphone to just below your jaw line. Say half an inch below your closed jaw or at the bottom of a stretched open jaw. Well out of the way of your mouth and the pops and sputters.

A podcaster can spend a great deal of time creating the best content possible and still miss the opportunity to connect with customers because they literally cannot hear what's contained in the podcast. By using a podcast transcription service, a content-creator can eliminate this issue and show sales prospects and other site visitors that his/her company is sensitive to all their customers' needs.

The fourth is results from not using a professional recording studio. I'm talking about the occasional poor sound quality. If you are constantly fixing the sound quality then you need to identify where and why the quality is being disrupted. However, if only occurs infrequently you may prefer to leave it to the editor to fix.

Identify the theme of the podcast. You'll want to inject new topics into the podcast based on many different sources. The best source, of course, is questions your audience asks. If you are doing a column style format you may want to use a common topic for all of the columns or you may want to keep them independent.

With a video you have a visual component -- that's what makes it a video and not an audio. Typically when you design your learning content you take the freedom that implies into account. However, with an audio you can't refer to a picture -- there isn't one. You have to find non-visual ways to convey the information.
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