First Holy Communion Invitations - Guide to Finding the Best Invites to Your Child's Communion Party

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If your child is going to receive their first holy communion, you're probably planning a party to celebrate. Of course, you'll want to pick out communion invitations. But they don't have to be ordinary or cost a lot. Instead, you can send first communion invitations that are both inexpensive and unique keepsakes. Here's some tips.

Traditional, Handmade or Photo Communion Invitations?

Before you even begin, think about what kind of invitation you would like for your communion party. For many years, your only option was the traditional invitation. This was usually fairly formal, with soft tones and Christian symbols such as the cross, chalice and Bible tied into the design. While this is still a very popular choice, there is a growing trend toward communion invitations that stand out. Die cuts, bolder colors, vellum overlays or attached ribbons can add to an updated look.

Another way to stand out is to send photo communion invitations. This is a great way to combine the traditional with the modern. You can still have a fancy font and religious design. But by adding a photo of your child, you turn it into a memento everyone on your guest list will treasure. There are also photo communion invitations that will include multiple photos of your son or daughter. You can either showcase several current photos or use snapshots from different stages of their life. Many times photo communion invitations cost the same or even less than traditional invitations.

A third option is to make your own invitations. If your child is creative, they might enjoy drawing, painting or scrapbooking their own design. You only have to make one. You can scan their creation and print it at home, or run it off on a color copier at your local office supply store. For best results use an inkjet compatible cardstock if you print them on your home printer. You can also purchase laser cardstock to put through the color copier at the copy center.

You should be able to fit two invitations per sheet of cardstock, which would keep your cost down. The copy center will also have paper trimmers, so you can cut your invitations to size right there. But, if you decide to go with handmade invitations, you should always buy your envelopes first. This way, you know what size to make the cards. Make sure you make the invitation at least 1/4 inch smaller than the height and width of the envelope, so you know it will fit.

Wording Choices for Your Communion Invitations

You no longer are obligated to use the wording shown in sample invitations. Most companies are flexible and will let you personalize your communion invitations with your own words. If you're looking for inspiration, you can find websites that have wording ideas. Also check out actual invitations. Even if you don't like the design, the words may be perfect, and you could use them in another design. You might also want to include a favorite Bible verse. Keep in mind that space on your chosen design might be limited. Look at the sample text used in the card of your choice as a guideline to how much text can be used.

Don't shop until you drop!

There is no longer any reason to travel from store to store looking at nearly identical stock, when there are so many online companies at your fingertips. A great deal of these online shops offer original designs that you won't find at the mall. Plus you're more likely to find something unique online that you can customize into a one of a kind creation. Another advantage is that you don't have to drag your son or daughter around, looking at big books of invitations. Instead, when you find a few you like on a website, you can call your child over to the computer for a moment to see what they think. That's much easier!

So browse until you find the perfect, personalized invitation that sets the tone for your child's special day. Whether you send updated traditional, handmade or photo communion invitations, you're guests will be thrilled to receive your unique choice.

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