Fingernail Shape - Which Shape Is Best For Your Nails

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Beautiful fingernails would have to be every woman's dream. How confident do you feel when your nails are looking their best, and how dowdy do you feel when your nails are broken, peeling and brittle.

A good fingernail shape can help make all the difference to your fingernails health. And if your nails are in good shape you are better able to have nail art applied, or you have a good nail base for fake nails.

Everyone has a different nail shape, you may have short fingernails with a short nail bed, or long fingernails with a wide nail bed, yet one thing all healthy fingernails have in common is a good color, smoothness and strength.

There are five basic shapes for fingernails, square, oval, round, squoval or pointed.

If you are unsure what shape to file your fingernails, take a look at your cuticle. An oval shape nail looks best on pointed cuticles, and a square shape nail looks best on cuticles which are oval shaped.

The most common fingernail shape is the square look. This type of shape is considered the best for helping keep your nails strong and healthy, and you are less likely to experience damaged fingernails. The nail is filed straight across with the sides of the nails left straight.

The oval shape is one which never goes out of fashion, and gives a timeless, classic look. The oval nail works well with short or long fingernails. For short fingernails, it can help make them look longer. The oval can also be the most difficult shape to file.

Squoval is in-between the square and the oval nail, and provides the strength of the square shape and the femininity of the oval. Your nails are filed straight across with slightly rounded sides.

Pointed fingernails can actually weaken nails and lead to nails splitting. Fingernails are filed at the sides to create a point at the tip of the nail.

There are many celebrities sporting the pointed look, and it can be ok, if your nails are strong and healthy.

The round shape is a good one for people who like to keep their fingernails short. This shape is ideal for helping with your nails strength. Nails are straight at the sides and the tip of the fingernail is rounded.

If you have neglected your fingernails, it will only take a couple of weeks of nail care, before you will notice a difference. File your fingernails to a shape that suits, and you are on your way to beautiful fingernails.

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