Finding the Right Locker Shelf For Your School Locker

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Locker shelves are an essential accessory for school lockers. Most lockers, if not all, have a small usable space inside and one of the benefits of the shelves is they help increase this space. In addition, they also serve as a major player in helping students keep their lockers organized.

The shelves are typically constructed with metal, wood, or plastic and although each have its limitations and its benefits, they are intended to be long-lasting and to have the ability to withstand the weight of several heavy textbooks.

In selecting a shelf, the type of material the shelf is built with must be considered. There are two different types metal shelves, heavyweight and lightweight. Both are inexpensive and can be found easily. There are however, differences between the two. Heavyweight metal shelves are completely durable but because they usually cannot be adjusted it pose a problem when a student has large textbooks to put in their locker. Lightweight metal shelves, on the other hand are adjustable, but they cannot withstand the heavy weight.

Plastic is another popular material locker shelves are made of. These, similar to the heavyweight metal shelves, are not adjustable and pose a problem for larger textbooks. They are however, capable of carrying the weight of heavy textbooks. Also, the plastics shelves come in a wide array of colors.

All these factors should be considered when choosing the right locker shelf. Having your child start the year off with good organization habits is important but you want them to continue those habits throughout the school year so be sure to get the right shelf that will fit their needs.

Back to school time is a fun and exciting time for students and they love to put their personalities into their lockers. Julie L. Fisher gives lots of locker decorating ideas, information on supplies needed to keep your student organized, while also giving tips and advice on locker safety. Visit her today at

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