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When you are out looking for homes for sale in Carefree AZ (, it might be a challenge if you're new to the real estate market. You can make it easier if you have a good idea of what the criteria is that you want in your home.

When you consider buying a new home, keep in mind that interest rates and home prices tend to move in opposite directions. Some people mistakenly believe buying a home is a bad idea when prices are up or when interest rates are high. In fact, either of those situations can create good buying opportunities. However today's economy could hardly provide a better climate for the purchase of a home. Market prices for homes are at an historical low and interest rates are the lowest they have been in decades. Prices have actually had upward movement over the past few months. The housing market is bouncing back.


Buying a home is not as simple as buying a new sweater, or even a new car. There are a lot of things you should know. Here are a few basics:

- Do :

-> Ask a qualified REALTOR® to be your buyer's agent. The seller pays their fee but their fiduciary responsibility is to their client buyer by agreement.
-> Project your future needs, as children multiply, or get older and move out.
-> Review last year's tax and utility bills.
-> Consider privacy for you and your spouse.
-> Walk the property boundaries.
-> Review the homeowner disclosure documents thoroughly.
-> Purchase a home warranty for unforeseen breakdowns the first year.
-> Keep meticulous records of home repairs once you move in for capital basis calculation once you sell.
-> Get pre-qualified for a loan before you head out to find that house that meets your needs. This is a critical step to the home buying process.

- Don't:

-> Accept as absolute truth statements by the seller. Document everything.
-> Make verbal agreements.
-> Look for a home without financing pre-approval.
-> Make your moving schedule too tight.
-> Buy the biggest home in a neighborhood — it's usually the hardest to sell.

-> Purchase without a quality home inspection.

When shopping for homes for sale Carefree AZ and you're working be sure and ask yourself what your commute tolerance is and tell your real estate agent. If it's 20 minutes your real estate agent needs to know so they can make that part of the search algorithm. Are schools important, easy access to shopping, medical, and recreation are all important factors to consider.

Consider the home itself as an important part of your criteria. When looking for homes for sale Carefree AZ, or anywhere else, consider the absolute "must haves" that have to be part of the home, that is, number of bedrooms, baths, fireplace, garage, etc.; consider the "should haves" that is it should have a center island kitchen but if it doesn't and everything else is good so it's not a deal breaker; "nice to haves" that is if the house comes with something you like but it's not on your must or should have list, it's nice to have but you it probably does not deserve a monetary value when negotiating the sale price.

Most importantly when you're looking for homes for sale Carefree AZ, lean on your REALTOR®, they can turn your home quest from something daunting to an experience worth having.

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