Finding a Way to Add Recycling Efforts to Your Renovation Project

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Twenty years ago or even as short of a time as ten years ago, recycling was a smaller niche market --Only the most modern of communities were recycling on a large scale. But today, even the most "non recycling" type person has been touched by the world wide effort to help the planet. Recycling is not for everyone, but everyone should try to do a little something to help in the effort. Even when it comes to renovating your house, there are ways to recycle, stay green and remain modern with your design.

For example, sometimes you do not have to make a choice between eco-friendly and elegant, instead the art of sustainability can be combined with a conscious effort and a keen eye for style. More and more companies are creating products lines that specifically target this eco-friendly trend. Even if these products are not recycled, you can still be environmentally helpful if you choose products carefully. A quick example is "knock down" or RTA kitchen cabinets. This type of kitchen cabinet or RTA bathroom vanity is delivered in an un-assembled form and this takes on an entire different way to help with the environment. These products are delivered in much smaller boxes (since they are un-assembled), thus taking up far less space, therefore allowing for more product to be delivered at one time. This leads to less pollution being produced (from fewer deliveries) and overall less energy used. So it is one thing to buy recycled but keep in mind there are other ways to contribute, in case you cannot find the right product for you.

Recycled countertops are a new and innovative product. A company called PaperStone produces a rock hard substance out of recycled paper. This concept is a new way to produce a countertop while using reclaimed office paper, cardboard, and other paper products. It combines a petroleum- free resin to make a hard, scratch free surface that can handle hot items, water, and is resistant to almost anything else. This is one example of an invention (countertop) that you might never think of as an option for a reclaimed product, but because of advances in reclaiming material, you can now use this as another choice for your building material. There are even companies that are using recycled glass to form a solid surface countertop, which adds a unique touch to any kitchen.

Speaking of glass, another great recylced product is glass tile. Glass is "mined" from landfills or taken from recycling centers; it is then melted and formed into modern, sheik, glass tiles. Glass tiles are an easy choice for any bathroom or kitchen, but now with the option of used glass as a reformed tile, you can now be part of the recycling movement without much effort. And at the same time, you're making a easy choice because glass tiles are very popular and are produced in many colors and styles.

Another big area that people overlook when remodeling is the materials that are being removed. Too often in a rehab, demo work begins before any thought is put into what could actually be recycled. Many of the materials being removed can be cleaned up and used or donated for other projects (especially materials like kitchen cabinets, wood trim, and 2 x 4's).

All in all, there are thousands of options for things that can help your renovation project, but at the same time help save the planet. You don't have to go totally green or make a big effort, all you have to do is keep in mind that there are other options out there. When you do this, you will be doing your part for the environment and you will also have great new choices for your renovation project.
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