Finding A Good Shampoo

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There are as many things to consider when buying a shampoo for your hair as there are varieties of shampoos to buy.

Do you want conditioning, moisturizing, herbal, organic, clarifying, volumizing or anti-frizz? Without even including special conditions like dandruff, there are at least a dozen different brands that claim to address each of these needs, just in your local supermarket. Pharmacies and beauty shops have their own selection, and then there are the organic and specialty stores.

With so many to choose from, there must be a perfect shampoo out there for every individual skin type and hair type. Yes, skin type too. Many shampoos can be hard on the skin, while many herbal shampoos have ingredients that can cause acne on your face and neck. All important factors when choosing a shampoo.

Selecting a shampoo made of natural ingredients is the best choice. These shampoos, such as those made of coconut oil, honey or other natural derivatives, are gentle on most hair and skin types. If you want skin that enhances blonde hair, chamomile shampoo is your perfect sud. If you suffer from dry scalp, hydrating oils in your shampoo will offer relief and moisture.

The question is, how do you really know what is in your shampoo? Read the label of-course!

There's an old saying that natural products are the ones you can pronounce. So when you're reading the label, the first three ingredients should be something you recognize right away. (Water is often first.)

While knowing what to look for is crucial, so is knowing what to avoid. Many so-called natural shampoos may have some natural ingredients in them, but are also heavily laden with waxes and perfumes. These common ingredients can be quite harmful to certain hair types.

If your hair is dry, avoid heavy waxy products containing paraffin or mineral oil, because these will actually add to the problem, whereas beeswax is a fabulous moisturizer. Many added fragrances contain chemicals that can dry out hair or cause bad skin reactions when hair comes in contact with your skin.

Finding the right shampoo for your hair might take some time and experimenting, but the first step is understanding what you're putting in your hair to clean it in the first place.

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