Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer in Manchester

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One of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life is the decision of filing a Divorce. Divorce in generic term, refers to legal dissolution of marriage. The decision of filing a divorce involves loads of mental trauma, and the process can be a complex affair, involving hefty expense and it is often that the people going through the process of divorce do not have the sufficient financial capabilities to hire an expensive lawyer, but then seeking the practical and professional guidance and advise from a legal practitioner is utmost necessity. In UK, there are many professional firms of solicitors which can offer a peace of mind to the clients by dealing the case in most professional manner. Number of these firms now operates online and hence the parties can get an efficient assistance in all aspects of UK divorce law. These law firms have panel of solicitors which has the experience and efficacy in assisting with every aspects of law. Not only in divorce, but these law firms lend a helping hand in several legal ordeals such as pre-nuptial agreements, financial settlements, parenting problems, wills, mediation and probate. If you are looking to resolve a family dispute or seeking a solution to find out about your child custody rights or looking to claim cash back from a party, these solicitor firms can rightly assist. As you speak with the lawyer in Manchester for the first time, they will listen to your problem in details and will advise you, making you understand the assistance you would require.

Apart from the mental stress and emotional turmoil, the couples may also face monetary setback due to the costing of the entire process. However, there are certain rules which the parties should understand before filing a divorce petition in order to save some amount of legal fees. Some of the major factors which will help the parties assess the fees of a divorce lawyer in Manchester are -

• Involvement of children

• Involvement of a relative amount of matrimonial property which require “ancillary relief”

• Whether divorce is contested

If any single or all of the aforementioned factors are related to your divorce case, then the legal fees will normally increase. But, if the above mentioned factors are not related to your case, you can certainly restrict legal fees to bare minimum cost. The basic and the minimum legal fee that the couple needs to pay regardless whether they seek to hire a divorce lawyer Manchester or not, are as follows

• Court fee of £180.00 to issue the petition for divorce

• An amount of £7.50 while presenting the sworn marriage affidavit to the court. This document needs to be submitted during the proceedings at the court

• Court fee of £30.00 to obtain the decree absolute

Adding the total cost, it can be found that the divorce cost can range upto £217.50, without even hiring a divorce lawyer Manchester. There can be some additional court fees which is payable if the other party to the divorce does not acknowledge the documents.

The Fees of Divorce Lawyers in Manchester

Investment with the right solicitor at the start of the legal process can potentially save considerable amount of money as well as improve the chances of gaining favorable result. A divorce lawyer in Manchester rarely agrees to fixed fees and hence it is a hard call to assess the lawyer’s fees. The figure can vary somewhere between £350.00 to £700.00. However, if you are seeking advice from the legal solicitor’s firm, then there are chances of fixed rate agreement.

Trying to find a professional lawyer in Manchester can be stressful as well as time consuming. So, the best thing to do is to consult a legal firm which uses the advanced search technology for finding a solicitor to meet the client’s need. These firms help the parties to find a solicitor in their area in quickest possible time.

Wayne Burton is a graduate with a degree in Law. He has a flare for writing and hence writes blogs and articles on the solicitors firms in England. He also informs the readers the easiest ways to get in touch with a professional lawyer in Manchester and general fees of a divorce lawyer in Manchester.

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