Find your ideal triathlon wetsuit

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For many, the swim section of a triathlon can have a huge influence on the rest of the event. You can either conserve energy and be strong for the bike and the run or completely blow yourself out. One of the biggest factors affecting this is your choice of wetsuit and the most important thing to consider is the fit. Pick a suit thatís too loose and it will be permanently full of water which will slow you down. But if you pick a suit thatís too tight you wonít be able to swim freely and efficiently and have to work that much harder with every stroke. You need to get round the swim is quickly and efficiently as possible saving as much energy as possible for the rest of the race. Youíre better off with properly fitting entry level wetsuit than you are with an all singing all dancing high level wetsuit thatís too big or small for you. Not only that, if you donít get the suit on correctly may not give you the freedom of motion that you would need.
With that in mind the following are some points to bear in mind when looking for a wetsuit:

1. Getting the suit on properly is vital. Get the legs are right up to the crotch and make sure the arms are right up to your armpits. Many people donít do this and find that the suit doesnít fit them anywhere properly.

2. Take your time putting the suit on. It can take a few minutes to get the suit on properly and the more time you take the better. If you find that the suit doesnít go high enough up your legs you need to start at the bottom of the leg and work the material up gently. Donít try and pull the suit up at the waist as it probably wonít go anywhere and youíll just waste energy that you need for the race.

3. Another common mistake is that people base their choice of suit on which feels most comfortable. Although you shouldnít buy a suit that is uncomfortable you do need one that fits tightly around your torso hips and legs. You need the freedom to move your arms and your shoulders but the rest of should be very snug. Just so long as itís not so tight that it makes it difficult for you to breathe.

Different brands fit differently and, although the size charts are a good place to start, itís worth trying a few suits if you can. Pick a wetsuit that suits your needs (you donít need the latest, greatest suit) and remember- the suit has to fit properly!

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