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Find vegetarian recipes on Need inspiration and tips on vegetarian food? On there are recipes for all tastes. Find new recipes for a vegetarian meal, or delicious vegetarian tips for festive occasions. receptformedlingen search engine provides, unlike Google only recipe in the hit list so you can easily get an overview of recipes from all over the Internet. Prepare a delicious broccoli soup with cheese for lunch or invite family friends for a bean beef in pita bread this weekend! Vegetarian diets need not be dull or boring!

As a vegetarian, it is especially important to eat balanced diet to get all nutrients the body needs. There are several different types of vegetarians, common to all is that they do not eat meat. A lacto-ovo-vegetarian eats eggs and dairy products, while lacto-vegetarians do not eat eggs. An ovo-vegetarian eats eggs but not vice versa dairy products. For all vegetarians it is important to find alternative protein sources. On receptformedlingen search site, you can search for recipes using alternatives to meat, such as recipes using tofu, recipes using soya products and recipes with quorn. At the ceremonies, such as Christmas and Easter, which is strongly associated with food, it can be especially difficult to find vegetarian options. But the Service's of Recipe Collection there are recipes for both Christmas and easter that fits all

In recipe search engine, it is also possible to search for vegan recipes. Vegans eat no animal products, including dairy products and eggs. Therefore, vegans are at extra high risk of having a lack of essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and B12, which, inter alia, found in dairy products and meat. Veganers largest source of protein are legumes, nuts and seeds. Find recipes with legumes on Today, there are also many products as substitutes for dairy products making it easier for both vegetarians and vegans to cook for common prescriptions. For example, try to bake vegan cinnamon buns or why not cook a vegan bolognese!

Note for vegetarians and vegans:
The body needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to function. Proteins are used to build and maintain cells and muscles, but they are also important for the formation of hormones and the immune system. According to the NFA should be 10-15 percent of what we eat in a day composed of proteins. It is therefore important to find alternative protein sources. The vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, as many vegans may lack the necessary body including the cells to metabolism, to form blood cells and the nervous system. B12 is found mainly in meat, fish and milk products, but vegetarians and vegans can ingest vitamin by eating sprouts and lactic acid fermented foods like sauerkraut. Those who do not eat dairy products can also easily get the lack of calcium, choose substitutes, such as oats and soy beverage drinks that are fortified with calcium. Although iron is an important topic that you may run out of when you do not eat meat. Vegetarians should eat plenty of legumes, nuts, broccoli, egg yolks and dried fruits that contain iron. Legumes also contain selenium and zinc are two other important substances the body needs. The vegan diet does not include EPA and DHA, but these fatty acids can be formed in the body if you eat canola oil, flax oil and walnuts contain alfalinoensyra. Other important sources of fat are avocados, nuts and olives.

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