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Another science fiction movie is ready for release in the form of The Adjustment Bureau. The producers have officially confirmed the fact that it is an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's short story "The Adjustment". The movie has a subtle story line in which there is a congressman who always utters soft and sweet words. All was well in his life until an uncanny woman enters his life. There are some uncontrollable events taking place in his life that throws his political career in doubt. There are some trailers of The Adjustment Bureau available on the internet. In fact people can watch The Adjustment Bureau online whenever they are able to get access.

The character of the kindly speaking congressman is brought to life on screen by the talented actor Matt Damon. Matt Damon portrays David Norris who is a former Fordham University basketball player. He becomes a charismatic congressman of the United States and seems to be destined to reach national political stardom very soon. Everything is normal in his life till he meets a beautiful modern dancer called Elise Sallas. The character of this fabulous dancer is enliven on the screen by the ability of Emily Blunt. Their union does not happen very easily and are met with many predicaments. Later Norris discovers that there are certain forces at work to keep them separated. Then arrives the moment of taking the vow to get hold of the culprits and teach them a lesson. The action in the story takes places at various locations in the city of Manhattan.

The Adjustment Bureau is also available for free downloading at some of the websites. The movie is worth watching merrily with your near and dear ones on a placid afternoon. If you are able access to some free websites, you can also watch The Adjustment Bureau online free within the comforts of your homes. Though you may choose to wait for the release and watch The Adjustment Bureau in theaters also, some people feel more comfortable when they watch The Adjustment Bureau online at home. If you decide to watch this movie at home you are assured of comfort and a good time with your family members and friends. They may even choose to watch The Adjustment Bureau in parts instead of watching the entire movie at once.

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