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Skin care is an exponentially growing field. People are now more educated about their skin health and they are always looking for skincare products that may benefit their skin. Different countries and different people have different ways to care for their skin.

In the ancient cultures like the Egyptian and Chinese cultures people, especially women, are very keen about getting the best skincare products. They were used to using natural products like plants, milk and honey.

Nowadays, the situation did not differ a lot; the skincare products manufacturers are now producing different products that include natural ingredients side by side with the chemical ones. There are now hundreds of skin care creams and lotions that contain milk, honey, yoghurt and cucumber.

In the late nineties, companies were producing skin care products but using only chemicals like ceriatenine and collagen. At this stage people were looking for products that would produce an instant effect and they were not concerned about the side effects of such products but after the year two thousand and with the concerns that grew about the usage of chemicals in skincare products, people tend to use skin care products that contains only natural oils and plant origin ingredients.

The newer products that contains these natural ingredients are easier to use and safer for everyone. These products are now sold over the counter without any concerns of the patients or the doctors because both are comfortable with the usage of natural products.

The skin care products are not only those creams and lotions used for skin lift and skin whitening but it also extends to ultra violet protection or what is known as sun blocks and sun screens.

After that the skincare products developed into other categories, in the past it was only related to the health but now it is also related to cosmetics. The most prominent example is the tanning lotion which is used to get the distinct skin color of the Latin Americans.

It was known that the skincare products are used by people in their forties or fifties to stretch their skin but now there are skin care products targeting girls in their twenties and thirties. The theory was only to treat the condition that already occurred but now the skin care products are used to prevent the occurrence of the condition.

The newer skincare products are now used to close the skin pores; this decreases the occurrence of skin inflammation. The astringent material in these products means the pores are closed so the skin is micro organism proof.

Everyday there are new skincare products entering the market and others are getting out so choose carefully what to use on your skin.

Author Bio:

Linda Turnbull is a skin care specialist with very long experience in testing and using different skincare products. She is also responsible for implementing new skin care methods using the standard skin care products.

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