Find a sperm donor

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Find a sperm donor
As you go through the process involved to find a sperm donor through a traditional sperm bank or fertility clinic, you are going to see many different physicians, counselors and other specialists who will be able to help determine what steps are necessary to find a sperm donor that meets your health needs, and personal needs. That is where a genetics counselor will come in to play.
A genetics counselor will help find a sperm donor for those who are:
• Women over age 35 and men older than age 45
• Those using Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
• Those using fertility treatments to combat unknown infertility issues
• Those with a family history of recurrent pregnancy loss, infant death, mental retardation, birth defects or specific genetic disorders
Those who are considering using ART methods to conceive are especially likely to benefit from preconception genetic consultations. They can get information about the risks, benefits and limitations of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and other ART procedures and discuss and compare prenatal screening and diagnostic testing options.
People using fertility treatments to combat unknown fertility issues are also good candidates for preconception genetic counseling. It is important to understand that they may pass on inherited forms of infertility to their offspring by using certain reproductive technologies. Additionally, certain causes of infertility, such as structural chromosome abnormality, can lead to miscarriage or the birth of a child with major birth defects. Preconception genetic counseling can provide education about alternatives and options.
Too often, people are left wondering why no one offered them genetic screening and information before they got pregnant, so that they could avoid dealing with stressful and unexpected situations arising from genetic issues during their pregnancies. In other cases, they just don't get the information they need.
For example, in one study of people who used PGD, even those who utilized it had limited knowledge of PGD even though they used it to conceive. The majority of study participants didn't understand which types of health issues were screened using this tool, and assumed they didn't need to consider prenatal screening or diagnostic testing during pregnancy if they used PGD.
To find a sperm donor is something that is more than just choosing a face out of a catalog, or online. There are going to be tests required, health questions and emotional stability to question. You can search through thousands of online sperm donors so that you can find a sperm donor at There are men of all ages, races and sexual orientation for you to choose, some wish to not be involved at all in the child's upbringing and others would like some or full involvement. All personal profiles of our sperm donors specifically state the level of involvement the sperm donor would like.

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