Find A Category Killer When It Comes To Business Phone Numbers

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Do you want your company to get ahead of the competition? Then you need this kind of phone (1300) Number. In today's highly-competitive business environment, a 1300 phone word number can do wonders in pushing your business out there. Yes, we are well aware of what a number like this is capable of - it can increase advertising response rates, can lower the cost of lead generation, and is 20 times more memorable than a regular telephone number. However, a phone word number is so much more. This is why since the last survey conducted by Roy Morgan research in 2006, there has been an increase of 88 per cent in the usage of these numbers.

Get The Business

If a potential customer hears or sees your ad, then goes to the Yellow Pages or the internet to look for your phone number, they may end up calling your competitor. However, if they see your ad and can remember your phone name, you are guaranteed to get the call.

Easy To Remember Names

If the best phone name for your business is a "category killer" phone name, you have the opportunity to block the competition forever. Category killers are brands that enjoy such a high demand from consumers that they leave little, if any, room for competitors to secure a portion of the market. For example, Officeworks licences and promotes the phone name 1300 OFFICE. Since they have exclusive use of this, this leaves most of their competitors without a phone name.


Every time a customer dials a phone name, in essence they are dialling a company name, a brand name, or a word that describes the goods and services they are looking to buy. As such, dialling a phone name will reinforce a brand far more than dialling a random sequence of numbers. For example, isn't it so much easier to remember 1300 FLOWERS rather than 1300 356 9377? The reason is that people can remember names rather than numbers in a short time period.

Receive calls even when you are not advertising

As consumers become increasingly aware of phone names, many will just simply guess a company's phone name when they are in need of a particular product or service. In the United States, this practise is known as predictive dialling and has been proven to generate leads and sales long after a particular ad campaign has ended.

There has never been an effective marketing tool as this kind of phone. 1300 numbers that have words attached are the perfect solution for getting people to remember your product or service.


James Knight has a marketing background and writes useful information for businesses. To find out more about how 1300 Numbers can benefit your business, visit Flash Numbers for lists of double and triple digit easy to remember 1300 numbers and phone words

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