Fill Your World With Color: How to Decorate With Silk Flowers

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Flowers command attention. Itís just that simple: flowers command attention. They can make a room virtually come to life, and probably the easiest method to use would be using silk flower arrangements. These are pre-made and can go straight from the box to a display in almost all situations. Using these is the easiest technique one can use when decorating to have a significant effect on a room.

There are so many different types of silk flowers out there that flower arranging options are almost limitless. Silk roses, daisies, tulips -- all of these and other flowers are available for you to create something beautiful. As for a container to hold your bouquet, you have choices there as well, ranging from clear vases that are filled with artificial water to something bold and patterned.

With silk flower arrangements, color is the key. The flowers will attract so much attention that finding an attractive color palette that complements your room's decor is a necessity. For everyday arrangements, the most common hues are widely available--red, green, cream, and more. Or change the look by adding seasonal blooms, such as flowers in the warm colors of autumn, or try a holiday theme for festive flair. Clear or neutral colored vases allow the flowers themselves to take center stage.

Now that you have the perfect color, the next most important consideration is height. For instance, a short, compact arrangement seems to work best for a space such as the dinner table. This allows your guests to see each other when seated. A taller arrangement would work best with a larger, less intimate space, such as a foyer, or perhaps the mantle above a hearth.

Any time you shop for silk flower arrangements, be sure to keep your office space in mind. A medium-sized arrangement best fits most offices. An attractive display can help to create an appealing environment wherever we spend a lot of the week, such as at the workplace. A silk flower arrangement, then, is a very good choice.

Arrangements of silk flowers are so inexpensive and easy to work with that absolutely no decorator should be without them. At an average cost of $35 for a smaller and $200 for a larger arrangement, silk flowers basically cost the same as the real ones, but with the added advantage that they can be used over and over again. Clearly, this saves lots of money in the long run, and they are very easy to store as well. I have an entire collection of silk flower arrangements for our dining table that I simply swap out according to the look I want to achieve. They look wonderful, and need nothing else but a little wiping off from time to time to keep them in top form.

Once you've decorated with silk flower arrangements be sure to check out these handy tips on How to Clean Silk Flowers - If silk flowers, aren't for you, there's always flower delivery available. ;-)

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