Filipino Celebratory Recipe For Special Occasion

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Filipinos are known for being a socialable people, we always search for an extra time to be with relatives or friend during special occasion. Special occasion are incomplete without Filipino celebratory recipe on our table. Here is some list of our famous Filipino recipe for special occasion.
Lechon could be the most popular among those celebratory recipe, it is a whole pig slowly roasted using charcoal. Pig below 20 kilogram in weight is the most ideal size for lechon. It is being stick using bamboo pole and cook by turning slowly the bamboo with a glowing charcoal at side. Lechon is a symbol status for Filipino’s special occasion. Any occasion cannot be considered extravagant without lechon as a food prepared for the occasion. Lechon recipe is a Spanish food by origin, that’s the reason aside from the Philippines there’s still a lot of country being influenced by Spain and have their own version of preparing lechon, Those country has one thing in common, they are being colonized by Spain in the past. Preparation and cooking for lechon will take around 6 hours depending on the size of the pig.

Another Filipino Recipe that has become popular during special occasion is Kare Kare. It is a Filipino beef stew, cook with a mixture of cows face (mascara), tuwalya (tripe), Beef meat, pata ng baka. Those meat ingredients can be cook alternately. This recipes popularity has extend from the city of Manila up to the far province of Sulu. Kare Kare is always served with sautéed bagoong (shrimp paste) as a compliments and the basic vegetable for kare kare are egg plant, petchay (Chinese cabbage), and banana bud or banana heart (puso ng saging).
Morcon recipe is another famous recipe prepared during holiday or special occasion especially Christmas. It is one of my all time favorite and I usually prepare this food during media noche, which is also our once a year family reunion. Basically, Morcon is a lean meat beef filled with different spices, coldcuts, and cheese to add flavor, rolled and tie with a string to ensure the meat will not open up. It is boiled in water with some seasoning and thickened the sauce from slurry. Upon cooking the meat, it is being slice and arrange in a platter and garnish with thickened sauce to flavor.

Mechado, it is another all time favorite Filipino recipe during special occasion. It is a stew combination of beef and pork. The meat is being boiled with water, soy sauce, tomato, onion and when the meat is tender it is sautéed and the sauce is thickened by adding liver spread, while mechado is considered as a recipe for special occasion it is also prepare as a part of daily Filipino meal due to easiness of preparation.

Sopas and Sotanghon is another popular recipe during special occasion especially when Christmas and New Year celebration, Filipino usually celebrate Christmas and New year eve with a soup that compliments cold weather during those season. Sopas and Sotanghon soup are suited with the Filipino taste during Christmas and New Year celebration. Sopas and Sotanghon is always cook using chicken as a meat ingredient and uses elbow macaroni noodle for sopas or sotanghon noodle for Sotanghon respectively.

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