Few tips for redesigning your Portfolio website

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There might be some probable and good reasons, if you are planning to redesign your portfolio websites. It is might be because you are not getting adequate business, or perhaps you would want to add more features or it could be just that you are simply tired of your current design.

No matter what is your reason, but there are certain steps and guidelines which you must follow to redesign a portfolio site. So the following four tips would help you to create the most of it.
Before everything, you need to figure out that whether redesigning is even required or not. You just simply need to ask few questions from yourself. You just simply need to ask yourself that even if you require a redesign or not.

1. What you do not like about your current website

2. Would a redesign would get new clients

3. Are you losing your clients

4. Would you like to add some new features like: forum, blog etc

Now, if you think you really need to redesign then you need few tips:

Display your skills

It is might be one of the reasons that you require a redesign, because you are better with all you do these days rather than what you were five years ago. People visit your portfolio website as they want someone to work with them. So if you try to state that you are a well experienced expert and your website design does not show this at all, then probably your costumer would leave you and at last they will hire some other person.

Plan for your future

Before starting the redesigning work, you need to plan for the future. As in should have plans that what would happen to your new design in coming four months. Think over it, that whether you would be able to very easily adjust to your new design with your growing business. Would it be easier and faster to add new designs? So you need to think on all these issues before going for redesigning.

Get traffic

Obviously if you will redesign your photography portfolio website as custom designed website than you would get the unique and customized website that matches with a personality you are attempting to project. Thus it would help you to get some good traffic.

Common things to note

You need to put yourself in the shoes of the people who are going to visit your website. So you need to find what a visitor would look for, for example your contact details should be there, check for all navigation links etc.

Author is amateur wild life photographer. He is currently associated with Pixpa - a photography portfolio website solution provider which provides custom designed portfolio website for photographers, artists and designers.

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