Few things you need to arrange for starting your own mass sms campaign

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Telecommunication operator's major chunk of profit comes from services apart from regular voice call service and services other then voice calls are known as VAS (Value added services). Some of the value added services any service provider offers are caller tunes, ring tunes, News service, Astrology related services, voice support services and Messaging services. The use of messages has grown sufficiently over the time and this value added service now have became a separate business segment. Messaging service is also very popular with the name SMS (Short Messaging service) and approximately 2.4 billion active users sends of receives messages across the globe in a day. This amount accounts for more then 74 % of total number of mobile users across the world. But number of people using short messaging service can not be limited to number of mobile service users as people now can send sms from computers also. There are many type of messages like text message, flash message and multi media message but world SMS represents all type of messages combined.

Worlds first text message was sent by Vodafone GSM network in UK on 3rd December 1992, And Neil Pap worth of Sema Group (now Air wide Solutions) was the first person to send it. IT was send using a personal computer to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone using an Orbitel 901 handset. Purpose of sending the very first sms was to wish Merry Christmas to his friend Richard Jarvis. So worlds first message was sent by a computer to a mobile phone and now there are huge number of resources providing there customers the facility to send sms from computer. Well normally sms from computer can be sent using a on line message service provider but to use Messages on commercial level you will require a little setup. We will talk about it later on.

Messages are being used on commercial level by many organisations to promote their business as a major cause apart from this many other purposes can be achieved by using Mass sms service of telecommunicate service providers. Any business can use mass sms service to promote business, to communicate with customers, to provide customers an updated information, to communicate with internal employees and as a integrated part of service itself. Economic prices, easy availability, proper customer targeting, Geographic reach are few of the benefits any mass sms campaign may offer to your business. But you probably need a little setup to start a fresh new mass sms campaign things you will need to arrange are sms gateway, sms api and computer with Internet connection and mobile number data base. Let's have some more insights of the mentioned points.

Sms gateway is your access point over the telecommunication service provider's network over the Internet. You can use your sms gateway to send or to receive messages over the computer itself. Any sms gateway is like the messages sending center configured in your mobiles. Service providers also offer mass sms packages for the sms gateway which are often very economical and price of sending sms gets reduce when the quantity of messages you purchase increases. Sms gateway can send thousands of messages at once unlike your mobiles which often sends one sms at a time this facility makes sms gateway ideal for bulk sms campaign. You will need to use any messages sending software to send messages at a very fast speed as you might need to send thousands of messages per day.

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