Few questions to ask yourself before starting a SMS Marketing Campaign

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What can be the suitable niche of customers for a manufacturing company which manufacture products for babies? Probably people of age group of 28 to 45 years with a mix of women and men in a ratio of 60:40. Now think that what media or communication channel can exclusively target such audience? Is an advertisement with news paper or in television can serve the purpose? I don't think so but text message business services can focus on such niche exclusively. Such type of questions you should also ask while organizing a promotional campaign for your business.

The biggest advantage of text message, email text and text online is that any niche of customers can easily be targeted in any geographical boundary with a negligible cost.

Almost every person uses mobile and other medium of communication like internet in such a synerio text online and email text is a perfect channel for any advertisement campaign.

The sms API (Application program interface) and other messaging software enables any text message service provider with a lot of flexibility including data mining and other logical operators .This enables users to exclusively focus on various age group or demographics a particular customer niche can have .

A message can be delivered by following ways:- text message, email text or online text using sms API or different message software. Text message can be sent in different format like simple text message, flash message, and multimedia messages. As telecom operators uses different type of technologies like WAP, GPS, GPRS also there are different languages in use .Sms API converts any text message according to the telecom service provider technology which ensure that text messages can be delivered to the customers using different telecom services.

Sms API also provides a automated and speedy delivery of text messages .some of such API's are able to send thousand of messages per day. While choosing text message service provider it is advisable to ask him about the sms software and sms API currently installed in their systems with the capacity.

Another popular method for sending text messages is online text .There are a large number of service provider offering online text message services. In text online message the information is pulled to target customer via an online portal and this can be done through a websites also. Similarly email text or email message are promotional messages delivered in email form to the customers. Email text is less popular as compared to the text message or online text.

Following advantages makes text online, text message and email text very lucrative business venture for you: -

All the customer niche can easily targeted with a single click of your mouse.

This is the most economic advertisement activity.

Text messages or online messages can be used as a communication channel also.

Email text, online text and text message are real time event means there is no time gap between the sending and delivery of the message.

If you own business and not using text message, online text and email text to promote your business you may be loosing exposure and revenue .Text message services can be availed on a very low budget and high ROI. Consider text message or email text to promote your business or to develop a relationship with your reputated customers.

Author is an experienced business writer, has been writing in the business world for a long time. The article tells about the features and usage of Bulk SMS Software, SMS PC, SMS and Email SMS.

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