Few parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of your text messaging provider

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This article is useful for you if you run a small scale business or are trying to promote your business with messages. Mass text messaging is some thing very common to the businesses these days. Businesses use mass text messaging either to promote business or as a integral part of their business like you might have noticed that when you transact through ATM or by some other method in your bank instantly a informative message comes to your mobile giving you the minutes of the transaction. This type of mass text messaging is also very popular these days as it adds value to the overall service.

Many text messaging provider claim to have very economical messaging services, Yes they may give as in most of the countries telecommunication service provider charge a very minimum amount for the bulk or mass text messaging which result in very low cost services any text messaging provider may offer to you but it is quite noticeable that it is not the cost but the effectiveness of any such campaign that will bring you the profit. Just assigning your mass sms campaign to any text messaging provider who is charging you on discounted rates can not serve the desired purpose. In this article I will try to elaborate little points you must know before assigning your bulk sms campaign to any text messaging provider.

Any such service provider will send messages using a text messaging gateway. Text messaging gateway is a online gateway by using which any number of messages can be sent by using a computer to any mobile contact number. Telecommunication service provider offer text messaging gateway so that service providers can send messages from a fixed computer in huge quantities. There is a charge for availing any such gateway but is not very high. Ask your bulk sms provider about the gateway they are using to send messages. Discuss the quantity of messages that can be pushed through that particular gateway in a day. Where that gateway is available for one way messages or reciprocal messaging can be done by using the same gateway. These questions will help you to identify the status of your service provider and often good and good companies have all the facilities with there text messaging gateways.

Now to send thousands of messages a text messaging software is used. Any such text messaging software enables mass sms provider to send thousands of messages with just a click of your mouse. There are many other functions are in any text messaging software like date mining, data pulling and data recovery. Ask your bulk sms provider whether they can accurately target a particular customer niche for your business and ask how they will target it also check for the text messaging software currently in use by the company and its respective features.

Also ask about the previous campaign done by any such company and ask whether they have the similar kind of such campaigns which you are actually going. Discuss about the understanding of such projects. Whether your bulk sms provider is able to handle such campaign with confidence and effectiveness or there is a doubt. Messaging text is also very important factor in deciding the success of any such campaign as the text in the message is the thing which finally leaves it impacts on the end user ask for a sample messaging text if possible too.

The Text messaging gateway Gateway receives messages from your SMS software application and translates it into whichever ‘protocol’ your recipients’ carrier uses. Different Text short code providers have differing capabilities, it’s important to be clear about the type of you need.

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