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Domestic sales peak plasma concentration greet return of plasma TVs - Plasma and LCD TVs, plasma TVs - Home Appliances

Strong market demand, sales surge in plasma ,
According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Video Industry Association and Ovid Consulting jointly announced, the latest data show that in the first half LCD TV an increase of 71.3%, while plasma TV production is 164 million units, an increase of more than 200% over previous year; Plasma share of 7.9% to 11.4%, becoming the fastest growth flat panel TV Products. In addition, due to strong market demand, China is the world's fastest-growing state of the plasma. According to the latest data show that in the second quarter, Display Search of the global plasma TV shipments reached 3.4 million units, representing a significant increase of 52% over the same period last year.

May thought that the sales of tangible from the above, only the data do not. Then we can go and see some real plasma conditions: gift Olympics500 day countdown, stationed Panasonic 103-inch world's largest plasma display in the Olympic Building, Beijing, China Millennium Monument in the new year countdown to the scene where two large plasma Monitors echoes, New Year concert countdown for the great opportunity, Shanghai large areas mostly with the plasma TV as a display device: Hongqiao Airport with a Hitachi plasma TV as the flight plan communication technology is the Pudong Airport Fujitsu plasma products as a passenger waiting time entertainment device .The above we see that the plasma was truly present in our lives. Now we have made the status of the plasma then?

Reporter has learned that in the past year chang hong registered in plasma displays. Chang Hong invested about 6 billion yuan to an annual output of more than 2 million plasma display production line to build. This is Home Appliances Industry in China, the Chinese companies to master the core technology is far ahead in the world. Until now cover satisfy plasma TV market product lines, a 32 inch to 103 inches of products in different sizes to different consumer needs. In addition to Chang, the Hisense, Haier and other domestic producers also imported 32.37 inch plasma TV, because the obvious price advantage, the size of a large sought after product launch.
Plasma unique "5 +1" advantage

The eve of the Olympics, Xinhua News Agency Survey: say 36.36% of the consumers that see the Olympics this year for television. In the survey of consumers, that affects the quality of television pictures of the key factors and high color rendering, high resolution and high dynamic contrast of the decisive factor. Although the Olympic Games to an end

But we have to say, in the full bloom of the plasma, during the Olympic Games is also timely given the possibility it was worth it, and the explosion. Then the plasma in the end of unique benefits that so many customers?

deliver the National Digital Television Test Center Technical Director Dr. Zhang Subingen attract a flat-screen TVs dynamic image definition data table (see table), can be found in the same resolution plasma TVs and LCD TVs, plasma TV's dynamic image definition should be much higher . Dr. Zhang in explaining the reasons for this result, told reporters that the emission from the principle of decision-TV, LCD TV backlighting, the reaction time in the 4 to 12 milliseconds, while the plasma is self-luminous, transient response, the speed difference between the two response thousands of times, so there is some tailing LCD TV phenomenon. Dr. Cheung is advisable to focus consumers buying flat-screen television in the dynamic link to the selected image-definition television to reach the number of TV lines, and hear not only the manufacturers of high-definition HD-sided formulation.

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