Fellowes Powershred C-380C Cross Cut Paper Shredder Article

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The Fellowes Powershred C-380C is a high-volume powerhouse of a shredder that is perfect for a busy office of 6-10 workers. Able to handle a great deal of work throughout the typical day, the Powershred C-380C is a machine that can shred up to 300 pages per minute, and can look good doing it.

  1. Capacity. The Powershred C-380C is a serious workhorse that will more than meet the needs of even the most busy offices. Its powerful 1.7 Hp motor is rated for continuous use throughout the day, and operates at a speed of 20 feet per minute. The steel cutting heads are guaranteed for life and easily handle 16 sheets of paper per pass. You won't have to worry about taking the time to remove paper clips or staples either as the Powershred C-380C chews them right up. This shredder can also safely shred your old and expired credit cards and since confidential information comes in many forms these days, you can rest easy knowing that the Powershred C-380C is equipped to handle DVDs and CDs with its special compact disc slot.

  2. Security. Every business needs to take special care in making sure that the confidential documents that they are shredding are destroyed in a way that renders them completely unreadable. This is no longer just a matter of common sense anymore. Recently, in order to fight the rising tide of identity theft and consumer fraud, congress passed what are commonly referred to as the FACTA laws. These laws state that businesses and private individuals must properly destroy documents containing certain types of confidential financial and personal information when those documents are being discarded. ThePowershred C-380C gives you a Security Level of 3, meaning that it shreds documents into a cross cut pattern that meets FACTA standards. Not doing so can subject you to fines and litigation so the Powershred C-380C is a great way to keep you and your business safe.
  3. Wide Feed. The Powershred C-380C's extra wide 15" feed opening means that not only will you be able to easily accommodate the most common paper sizes such a letter and legal sheets, you will also be able to easily shred larger sheets like green bar computer paper. When you figure in the Powershred C-380C's ability to work continuously, and you've got a great way to safely and securely shred just about any size and volume of paper that you might need to.
  4. Easy to Operate. The Powershred C-380C offers you easy "walk away operation" with its electronic sensors that are placed at the feed opening and can detect when you place paper there. ThePowershred C-380C also features a "Turbo Jam Release" system that quickly, safely, and easily clears up any potentially messy paper jams.
  5. Quiet, Please. In a busy office, you want to do everything you can to keep any noisy distractions to a bare minimum. The Powershred C-380C is here to help, operating at a low volume that ensures that the only attention this machine will draw will be because of its amazing capacity and great features.

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