Features for New Cell Phones

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The technology of cell phones is improving from day to day. A lot of features and functions have been added into our cell phones such as 3G functions, Wi-Fi, GPS map and a lot more. To meet customers' need and satisfaction, it is important for cell phone companies to come out with new models from time to time. The improvement ranges from phone outlook to its add-on functions. Now, let us have a look at the new cell phones features that we have today.
First of all, we have Global Positioning System (GPS) functions in most of the new cell phones. It is used to locate your current location and guide you to your desired location. When you are move, the signal will be sent from one cell to another cell. The signal will be sent to the base stations to indicate your location. It also sends back the signal to your phone on the direction to your desired location. This function is used intensively when you are visiting to another country.
Another function for the new cell phones is 3G function. All of the new phones today have 3G function either for the Internet speed or to make video calls. Some 3G phones indicate that the Internet speed is supported by 3G. It works faster than EDGE and GPRS connection. Other than that, some phones have a small camera in front of the phone used for video calls. Now, you can call anyone and look at them while talking through the phone. Your receivers must also have a 3G phone so that both sides can see each other.

Most of the high end phones or smart phones are now coming out with touch screen function. This function enables the users to look professional and stylish while searching for phone applications using fingers. All the touch screen phones come with stylus for the users' convenience in typing.
Other than all these, some of the important new features include camera quality up to 12 Megapixels as well as document editing software using Microsoft Office. While buying for new cell phone, make sure you check all the functions and specifications carefully.

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