Features and Benefits of VOIP Business Phone Systems

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VOIP business phone systems are today offering companies the opportunity to save on telephonic costs, as well as a number of other features that are not available on standard phones.

How VOIP phones work

Business VOIP phones use a technology that enables telephonic communication via IP networks, such as a company’s private network or the Internet, as opposed to the standard circuit switch telephone systems. A business VOIP system may use VOIP software that can be installed on a computer and which enables telephonic conversation via the computer. Or it may use VOIP hardware, which looks similar to a normal landline telephone. A standard phone can also use VOIP by the use of an analog telephone adapter.

VOIP phone features

Standard features of business VOIP phones include Caller ID, dialling by using a name instead of a number, conference calls and conference video calls, storing of directories, call hold, call transfer and call park, which is a feature wherein a user can put a call on hold on one instrument and resume it from another instrument.

VOIP phone benefits

The biggest benefit that businesses gain by using VOIP phones is a huge saving in telephone costs. This is even more relevant in today’s world where business is carried out across countries and continents, and there is thus continuously a need to communicate regularly with people far away. The VOIP systems which use the Internet are far cheaper that other more conventional telephone systems. These systems also enable transfer of files over the Internet, so an important document that is being discussed for example, can instantly be transmitted from one user to another.

Instead of having to remember telephone numbers, a business VOIP system user will have to remember ID’s, similar to that of an email ID and these in any case can be stored in the phone’s phonebook, similar to that found on a cell phone. These systems also enable the use of a number of applications which standard phones are not capable of offering, such as live news reports, stock reports, and updates such as class attendance etc.

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