Feathers making their own style statement

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Feathers which form the distinctive outer covering of birds are of great utilization to human beings. They not only have cultural and spiritual values but are also used as decorative items and for ornamental purposes. As they provide heat and insulation to birds therefore they are used by us in bedding for making pillows, mattress and blankets and also used in filling winter clothing such as coats, quilts, sleeping bags, goose etc.
Now day's feathers are very commonly used and they have become a style statement. They are used in fashion shows, costumes, making scarf called feather drabs and are also used in floral designs as decorative accessories. There are many types of feathers available in market like rooster feathers, peacock feathers, goose feathers, ostrich feathers, duck feathers and boas' feathers. Peacock feathers can be used in peacock swords which are believed to be good table decoration options and are sometimes also used in eyelets by models to make them look more gorgeous.
Like Peacock feathers ostrich feathers are used in wedding centerpieces, making costumes, masks and in floral arrangements. These feathers have versatile uses and are available in different colors like red, black and white. They are also available in bleached, dyed and natural formats. Besides feathers being used as decorative purposes, ornamental accessories they are also used in arts and crafts projects. Many event management companies buy feathers in bulk from the suppliers and use them to organize theme parties and decorating party hall. These colorful feathers further enhance the elegance of party hall. Many fashion designers avail these feathers for different purposes like decorating the stage with the help of long stem and short stem feathers. Apart from that these feathers have become an integral part of fashion accessory.
Even Ostrich feathers look impressive as they are long flat, two feet long and several inches wide. They are also used for cleaning purposes because of their structure and natural oil in them which helps in holding dust rather than simply scattering it. Coque feathers even though they are expensive but are gorgeous and have glossy look which makes them suitable for making impressive masks.
We can see the versatility of feathers from its unlimited uses. We can also try using these feathers in purses, hats, earrings, belts and enhance our beauty. Also they add grace to scrap books, masks, apparel, fans, headdresses, ornaments and accessories. The most attractive masks i.e. masquerade masks are undoubtedly made of feathers. Depending on materials being used like ceramic, paper, plastic feather masks can be made eye catchy.
Feathers have been in use since ancient period. Centuries ago peacock feathers were used in Rome and Egypt. During fourteen century wives of German Landsknecht use to wear large feather hats with ostrich feathers adding grace to their hats. Feathers not only add grace to ones beauty but also have religious significance. In U.S and Canada eagle and hawk feathers have cultural and religious values. In India also feathers are used in some traditional medicines for snakebite, cough, infertility etc.

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